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12 Days and Then Some More

I love how the world transforms in the month of December. I mean, sure, a lot stays the same. Some stuff gets worse. But beautiful things happen in anticipation of December 25th.


I really don’t know much about Kwanzaa. Or the eight days of Hannukah. But I have always believed it was no mistake that the Lord of Life chose to enter our world while people celebrated other stuff. In my opinion, celebrating Jesus’ coming trumps all others.

But I’m not here to discuss the should-we-say-Happy-Holidays-or-Merry-Christmas controversies. I write here today out of sheer anticipation for the celebration that called Christmas.


I have always loved it, the building hope of the 24 December days before the big one. Always.

Because it’s so beautifully distinct, this month we call December. The brown leafless trees get all dressed up and sparkle with lights. The evergreens get all spruced up. (Hmm, is that why they’re called Spruce trees? Sorry – I had to.) Big red bows and shiny green and blue and pink and chartruse and silver and gold bulbs hang from garland shimmer in the lights. People come out from the dark corners of wherever they’ve been all year and shop til the grow weary and their feet grow blisters. Big hairy men wear red and white suits and call themselves Santa Claus so little kids can tell them their wishes. Or scream in their faces. Even the music changes.

Yep. I love the anticipation that marks Christmastime.

That’s why, for the next 12 days, and then a few more, I’m planning to post some of my favorite ways to look forward to Christmas. Some of the things I love that mark December as different from the rest of the year. Like Christmas mail. And Nativity Scenes. And cookies and Christmas Eve church. But, alas, I jump ahead. Join me tomorrow for my first favorite. What will it be? Can you stand the suspense?

What do you say?

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