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Daily Archives: November 14, 2011

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Inspired Praise, part 2

The quiet today starts in my belly.  Or my heart, I’m not sure.  It’s a quiet that God has been whispering lately to my soul.  An inner peace that somehow works against the loud of life, even in its roar.

He whispers in the praise we sing out from our hearts in worship on Sunday.  He whispers as He shows me a leaf dancing across the street, moving to the beat of the autumn wind.  He whispers in the early morning laughter of my little girls with their daddy and the warmth of my coffee mug.  He instills quiet in my soul even through the ebb and flow of to-do lists and deadlines.

He whispers small and tranquil and faithful.  He quiets my soul with His message of the still.  And my soul, though quiet, overflows with the praise He inspires.