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Monthly Archives: June 2013

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The View That Never Changes

I’ve come close a few times. Sitting on the back porch, pen in hand, journal and Bible open. Ready to put words to the processing I do as I unpack a box, lay in my bed, drive across town, throw a load in the washer.

We made it home to Ohio ten days ago. After a year living abroad, we now move back into our real home. But the clear processing and writing hasn’t actually started.

Somehow the words haven’t made it to my fingers quite yet. The thoughts haven’t formed into actual words.

I know they will. In time.

So much that fills my brain that tries to escape but can’t find words. Memories of there. Pressures from here. Excitement about things like cashiers I can chat with and drive-thrus I don’t have to build up courage or plan out vocabulary for. The strangeness of re-inserting ourselves into life as we knew it, only we’re different and it somehow all seems new.

So for today I will write about how it’s not yet ready. And I will show you the view that I pray my eyes never fail to find, now matter where I live or what I do.


What’s your view look like today? (Beyond the Word of God.) I would love a peek into your world as my eyes re-adjust to my own.