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A Challenge to Live Unafraid {Day 11}

I read somewhere that the words do not be afraid can be found 365 times in the Bible. That’s one for every day of the year. I actually read somewhere else that it’s 366 — so even Leap Year is covered. I like the thought of that, but I must say I see a danger of making it a little bit trite. I mean it’s handy and all, one do not fear for every single day. But it could get a little surface-y I think, a little too cute, if you know what I mean. Maybe it’s because the minute I hear that fact, I imagine some Christian t-shirt marketing guy scheming to turn it into some sort of disposable underwear for everyday of the year or something.

I’m not sure why, but those little Christian-y sayings that people wear on t-shirts and put on their cars, well, they kind of bug me. I apologize if you’re into them, please know that you do not bug me. I just don’t like your shirt. No harm, no foul. (That said, I have found a few exceptions which, if you care about my fashion opinion, I would be happy to share with you, but I’ll spare you for now, considering I myself am no fashionista. Although I do now own an Oilily bag.)

I’ve been thinking about the whole do-not-fear-is-written-365 (or 366)-times-in-the-Bible thing, though, and I started wondering what might happen if I started to sort of put one on every morning when I get dressed. No, not physically put it on. (Please don’t go design a t-shirt around this!) But I mean, what if I took that truth and dressed my mind with it as routinely as I dress my body with my pants? Everyday. What if every single morning after I get out of the shower, I read one of those do not be afraid’s and ask God to help me wear it well that day? What if everytime I put it on, I think through the fabric with which it was made? The fabric of God’s absolute goodness, His Sovereign trustworthiness. And what if as I wear it all day, I consciously choose to pay special attention to that piece of clothing so that, no matter what, I will live unafraid?

I think that’s why God said it to Joshua so many times when he took the reigns of leadership over the Israelites. So he wouldn’t forget. So He would wear well the truth of God’s Almighty I-will-never-leave-you grace that always takes care of him. So that he would do what God called him to do even when the scary got really big.

And so, my friends, I offer up a challenge to you. What if, for the next 20 days, we treat the do not be afraid’s like an actual piece of clothing.  How about we start today. Right here with Joshua. And tomorrow, let’s get another one and put it on. And then Saturday, and Sunday and the rest of this month. If you want to write it on your hand, that’s cool. I’ll even let you wear it on a t-shirt if you want to. (Just know I’ll think it’s a little bit dorky.)

So how about it? You in?

*This month, I’m joining a bunch of other bloggers in a challenge to write for 31 days on a topic about change. Having struggled with fear (sometimes paralyzing) for a lot of my life and missing much of the living that I know God wants for me, I am on a mission to live unafraid for 31 days straight. And challenging you to join me. And I’m writing about it. You can catch up here if you’ve missed any of the days. Bring a friend, too. It’ll make it more fun. Oh, and here’s a button for you to grab if you have a blog and would like to share the unafraid life (which, btw, I would love).

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10 Thoughts on “A Challenge to Live Unafraid {Day 11}

  1. So, I have a friend who is working through all of the “do not be afraids” and is writing devotionals on them. I just read her post for today right before reading this! I think God is trying to tell me something! 🙂 It is a great idea to look at it as something to put on. Dave always reminds me that coupled with the “do not be afraid” statements is “fear the Lord” and I love that thought. When we understand who God is, it makes the circumstances that we would normally fear seem somehow insignificant. Like having a baby in my old age. Or writing a book when I still feel like a little girl. 🙂
    I will absolutely join with you, because these are the clothes that I want to wear!!!

    • That is crazy. I guess God’s doing some work, eh? I’ve been thinking, too about how fearing God and not being afraid are so often right next to each other in the Bible. The good fear and the bad fear. The fear that gives life vs. the kind that sucks away life (and makes life suck, too). 🙂

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