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A Quick Update from Chiang Mai

So we made it to the other side of the world on Monday night. It was Monday morning at home, but somehow (God’s beyond-my-understanding-grace) I haven’t been struck with jet-lag yet. At least, not too badly. I have been sleeping really well.

A market in Chiang Mai, Day 2 of Chinese New Year

A market in Chiang Mai, Day 2 of Chinese New Year

We have been in Chiang Mai since we arrived. Shopping for Jesus. (Somebody’s gotta’ do it, right?) The people here are so kind. So friendly, even to strangers like me. It’s so very different form Europe in that way.

I have way more things to write about than what I have time for. Jeana and I will go today to Northern Thailand. Doi Chang. We will be there tonight, visiting Pat, the coffee guy who’s a pastor. He grows coffee and shares Jesus with people. Coffee and Jesus? Yes, please!

I will take lots of pictures!! Wish I could somehow capture the smells too.

So sorry I don’t have more time. Maybe I will tonight.

Just know that God is using your prayers to give us strength and energy beyond explanation. Please keep praying for unity for Jeana and me. Please pray that God’s Spirit rests on us as we encourage Pat and the G.R.O.W. kids and staff this weekend. Please pray that I hear His promptings and respond with faithful and instant obedience. And please know that you are amazing! God is using you in my life by continuing to remind me that the only reason any of this is so awesome is because of Him and because so many of you are praying!

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  1. celeste kern on February 11, 2016 at 7:45 am said:

    thank you for sharing and praying for you …hugs from bitter cold ohio 🙂

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