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A Story of Extremes

I’m reading the book of Isaiah this month. Because I’ve never really spent much time there. I mean, not as a whole book. Not the whole story.

Turns out, it’s the account of God’s fierce love for His people. So fierce that He takes extreme measures to get them to see how amazing He is. Painfully extreme measures. It’s scribbled throughout the whole book, this fierce love Almighty God has for His kids. I recognize it by the trouble He takes to bring them back to Him.


Extreme love right in the middle of extreme darkness.

It’s the story of that makes my heart sing “Joy to the World.” The story of love in the form of a man called God With Us.

It’s my story this December as I seek out the quiet heart that trusts Him no matter what. The mad love that rejoices His coming like a child celebrates the gift all wrapped up and big and waiting to be ripped open.

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