. . . and then some more . . . More life. More Jesus.


So when I’m sick, I’m really grouchy. Self-centered. Self-pitying. Self. Self. Self. And then more self. Yuck! I’m sick and tired of this self! So Sunday morning, before my family and I left for church, instead of doing what has become the normal morning routine for me over the last two weeks (while being sick), I got up, took a shower, and decided to get back to it. Back to the real focus. Back to at least trying to regain that focus, anyway. So I journaled. And I prayed. And I didn’t know what to read in my Bible until I remembered the commitment I had made last week at church to read a Proverb every day. (oops!) So I read Proverbs 15. And I prayed through it. And, although I don’t believe I received any extra special revelation meant just for me, I do believe God spoke through the quiet. And He refreshed my self. And He’s renewing the focus. Ahhhhh….

What do you say?

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