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An Invitation To Dream About Christmastime

Every December, we decorate our house and put up a tree and remember with our kids what it means that Jesus came. We talk about it all year, but Christmastime is different. The whole world takes pause for the God Who was a baby and lay inside a hay holder because of His extravagant love for mankind.


For several years, I have considered not sending out Christmas cards because I get all deep and wonder why we even do that in the first place. Then I remember how much I love getting Christmas mail and I think I should do the same for all the people I have ever met. So I settle for eighty of our closest friends and order them anyway.

Then I get all bi-polar as I vacillate between the I-want-to-buy-gifts-for-everyone-I-know spirit of Christmas and the Scrooge in me that starts to forget the point of it all.

I want to live deeply at Christmas more than any other season of the year. I don’t want to just do the stuff of Christmas because it’s what is expected. I want every part of it to mean something.

The gift-giving. The celebrating. The singing. The bells. The manger scenes and Christmas cantatas and gingerbread houses.


I want more wonder in my heart and in my home at Christmastime. I want it to be set apart for telling more Jesus. Living more love. Knowing the True Light that gives light to mankind and what He does for the darkness in my soul.

So I have been thinking . . .

What would it be to actually live like the best part of Christmas is the heart all aflutter at the miracle of God touching earth with feet that got dirty?

Oh, I love the magical lights and the big, pretty bows. I like getting Christmas presents about as much as I love my afternoon coffee. Maybe even more. But the truth of the matter is, I tend to forget the why of Christmastime and just muscle through the what without stopping to wonder at the W-O-N-D-E-R of true Christmas. I think most of us do.


But the reality of Christmas and the month of December makes me consider the secret dreams. The ones that hide behind all the cozy and the cute of Christmastime. Somehow those dreams seem to settle for an obligatory nod while the inevitable craziness takes over and convinces me that this is good enough. Getting through to-do’s and the Christmas schedule mix-ups and the wrapping paper that floats from living room floor to dining room table to master bedroom and so forth.

Today, I’m letting myself dream Christmas altogether differently. I’m getting brave and admitting the dream of my perfect Christmas.

Because what if the Christmas dream God wants me to live is the kind that has power to change the world?

My dream is full of sacred moments. Lots of laughs with my husband and kids. Egg nog with my friends. Showing Jesus to the grumpy lady at WalMart. Telling Jesus to my friend who doesn’t know Him. Sharing turkey with a family who has nowhere else to go.

It’s laughing and singing and playing with toys. It’s intentional quiet with true prayers to the God Who invented the season. Wrapping presents all pretty because I love to give gifts. Giving stuff away to people just because I can. Crazy gift-giving because of the supernatural extravagant love of Jesus Christ.

I dream of one day spending our entire Christmas budget on someone who wouldn’t otherwise get to have it. Like decorating their house and bringing them beautiful packages and eating cookies with them while we talk about Jesus and drink afternoon coffee together. (Told you I like it.)

I dream of Christmastime that’s more than what I’ve always known. One that doesn’t clamber to cross of lists but delights to show Jesus to all who will see. Looks to tell His story at any given moment.

As I dream, I also wonder what might happen if you join me. What if we admit those deep down dreams to each other? What if together we envision the excited pieces of our souls that want to soar inside the depth that is Christmas and December and Jesus Christ Son of God come to earth with real life coursing through His veins?

What’s your Christmastime dream? I tend to believe it’s bigger than pretty presents and squishy Santa bellies.

Tell us in the comments. And together we will dream of Christmas.

What do you say?

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