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And So Begin The Inevitable Changes

It’s only been a little more than three weeks since we left our own continent and landed on the one where the hills are actually alive, and the word that sounds like “odor” has nothing to do with smelling. Only three weeks, but it feels like several months. The other day, I caught myself thinking that I was done, ready to go home now, thank you very much. And then I realized that I’ve hardly begun to learn the things I have to learn from this whole living in Germany thing. I’ve hardly begun the change inside that I know is inevitable. Like when I moved into our flat in Paris a scared almost-thirty-three year old and left four months later as a grown-up. Indeed I have much to learn, much changing to abide.

And still, barely three weeks into it, I must say I’ve already noticed some transforming. Admittedly, it mostly has to do with laundry habits, but I’m learning that’s not all bad.

I mean, I have always been one to not be annoyed when my children put their not-really-dirty-only-worn-once clothing in the dirty hamper. Because I have always valued that fresh Downy scent more than the time it takes to get it. But now that my washing machine holds relatively fewer items than I am used to, and the dryer depends on air temperature and the stamina of the beloved drying rack (which holds considerably less than an actual drying machine), I have instituted the sniff-test rule. Lest you let this go unnoticed, let me assure you, my friends, that I have never been a fan of the sniff-test. Ever. Because, really, if there’s even a question of odor (the English word here), I say just wash it. Well, I used to say that. Now I say, “Does it stink? If so, put it in the hamper. If you don’t know, then put it away and wear it again. Or ask your sister. I’m telling you you, it holds value in both the entertainment realm and the decreasing of the work-load realm.

That said, another thing is changing in the cleaning category. I’ve been making my kids actually make their beds every day. I know, right? And, since we basically have zero things to do on a daily basis besides figure out how to live here in this beautiful land of the Deutsch, they are actually doing it. I started it after a few days here. Then Monday, I got really bold and had them start straightening their room after making their beds! Oh yes I did!

Big changes for us. Huge!

Another thing I’ve found is that the nightly dinner routine has become a lot less annoying. By this I mean, I actually make dinner. Every night. Except the other night when we went out for pizza. And last night when we were at the mall, so we ate at Burger King. Okay, so I guess I should say “I actually make dinner. Sometimes.” And when I do, I kind of enjoy it. I think it’s because there are so many fewer distractions here for me. Like the television. The telephone. The grass that needs to be mowed. You get my drift, no?

The winds of change, they are blowing, my friends.

Finally, I would like to note the change in my Diet Coke drinking habits. Due to the lack of freezer storage (or, for that matter, the lack of freezer!) in our current habitat, I no longer drink my Diet Coke after cracking open a can of it and pouring it over my glass full of large crackling ice cubes while it screams refreshment. And yet, I find the Diet Coke here quiet satisfying. Maybe because it’s called Coca-Cola Light here? Perhaps Diet Coke by any other name actually tastes sweeter? Just sayin’.

So — what’s new with you?

2 Thoughts on “And So Begin The Inevitable Changes

  1. Theda on June 29, 2012 at 9:49 am said:

    Neat to read your notes. Mostly it goes to prove we can all learn new methods of ‘relax and go with the flow’. I love the not washing every clothing item that’s been worn 15 minutes or less. If only we Americans would all learn that.

    Study was very nice yesterday, still working on understand the Holy Spirit. Wonder if we we ill EVER get it all, the understanding?

    It’s very warm today, muggy as my Mother would have said. Or close, that’s another one she used to describe days like this. We are in bad need of rain, it will come one of these days. Always does.

    We’ve been to ‘coffee’, been to the grocery, had breakfast, I worked on two drains that were becoming ‘slow’, I am about to pick up a book, put my feet up, oh and get a cold glass of water, and enjoy what’s left of the morning.
    Love you gal, am enjoying your current life.

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