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And So Begins the Hunt

It was a difficult summer. 

Having done battle with the deep and dark of my on-the-brink-emotions, my heart is learning to cling to the Giver of Life.  The Only One Who can truly heal.  I have flung to the balm of His Word through the ugly cries and the streaming tears.  And, I believe, He is pulling me out.  Healing me in His perfect way.  With His perfectly chosen tools.  And teaching me to sing the song He composed just for me.

But as I emerge on the other side, still struggling with the gravity that tries to hold me down, I find another battle lurking just ahead.  It is the battle for truth.  The one that tries to convince me that God only gives good gifts through the means of hard times.  True that He does use suffering to grow us, no doubt.  But that father of lies twists this truth and makes me forget that Love Himself is loving and kind, compassionate and full of grace.

And so, I think it’s time for me to start looking for 1,000 things that Ann Voskamp so beautifully encourages at her blog.  I’ve become bogged down with life and struggles and battles.  And I think I’ve lost the joy.  Lord, help me to see Your gifts.  Help me to be thankful through and through, for each one.  Give me a heart of gratitude and thankfulness.  Help me to know what it means to seek the Kingdom of God first and then to trust You to add all the things.

I’ve been afraid.  And meloncholy about God.  I’ve forgotten His goodness.  And so I will begin the hunt for 1,000 things to be thankful for.  And I will start with these…

  1. the super bright orange tree I can see through my window
  2. finding a picture that fits my blog
  3. no stomach pain
  4. shorts weather in the middle of October
  5. a husband who is learning to dream
  6. laughing with tears
  7. teachers who love my kids
  8. music that makes me want to write
  9. clean sheets
  10. the way leaves twirl as they fall 
  11. cold nights that need a warm blanket
  12. healing
  13. holy exhttp://www.aholyexperience.com/2003/06/gratitude-community.htmlperience

3 Thoughts on “And So Begins the Hunt

  1. Diane T on October 11, 2010 at 1:51 pm said:

    I have this little tiny notebook somewhere that I have forgotten all about until just now reading this. It is a book of “happy thoughts” that I started in high school one summer at Young Life Camp. Lake Champion, I think. It is full of these kinds of simple things that I am thankful for and happy about. Good start to your list… you’ll be at 1,000 in no time!
    Freckles on little girls, missing teeth, sticky hand prints on my windows, quiet of nap time in the house…

  2. Brianna,

    Just found your blog today on linkytool.com. Great job on your list so far, can’t wait to see the rest!

    We are both on similar journeys (you are welcome to visit my blog).

    God Bless!

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