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And Then She Drove The Autobahn

The way of our home here in Heroldsburg has been slow. Which is good. Right now, in this unknown land of really big snails and tiny little towns and showers that happen in bathtubs with no curtains, we need slow so we can catch up and figure out how to do, well, just about everything.

But today, we had somewhere to be. At 2:00 pm (that would 14:00), we needed to be at the husband’s work for a meeting. So we gave ourselves plenty of time and left about 13:00. That is when today’s adventures unfolded before us.

We took the same walk yesterday and found two snails, well, loving on each other or something. But I had no camera. So today when we saw this rather large (but alone) snail, I had to document it for size.

Horses stand behind the fence and watch us go by everytime we travel through. I think they would like it if we paid some attention to them, but I’m just not sure of the protocol here. So we just say hi to them as we walk by, and today I took their picture.

The slugs are also quite large in this land, and apparently determined. The girls adamantly argued that we saw this very slug yesterday when we walked the road. Adamantly.

So the eldest found a stick and decided to adopt him and name him Hercules. She carried him down the road a while before dropping him off in a cave by the road just before we got to the town. We all agreed he probably traveled the equivalent of a few countries in slug-life.

We worked our way down the hill and found new benches and stair-filled alleyways adorned with overflowing flowerboxes. We found new challenges and adventures, too.

So we jumped on in.

We made it to our appointment with five minutes to spare. Then we ventured more into the town, and found some more fun.

We stopped at the bridge over the Weisent River and watched the ducks swim against the current. We watched other ducks slide in as they landed. Really, the ducks were quite entertaining.

And then we thought we’d see just how cold the water was and decided it would probably be too cold to swim in right now. (Thank You, Jesus!)

After our adventuring, we picked up Husband from work before finding our way to Bayreuth for some banking and some dinner. We decided on pizza.

Turned out to be a good choice.

And then . . .

 the real adventure began. For I found myself driving and following my new best friend who has yet to be named, but we shall call Garmin, when she led me straight to the Autobahn. Yes, you read that correctly. My new best friend made me drive on the Autobahn. And it was kind of fun.

And so the day of adventure ended with more adventure on the day I drove the Autobahn.

If you can guess how fast I drove, I’ll send you a Mars Bar.

10 Thoughts on “And Then She Drove The Autobahn

  1. You drove 65 mph, as i calculated it in U.S. terms. Now, where’s my Mars Bar?

  2. This has surely been my favorite andthensomemore… to date

  3. Linda on June 26, 2012 at 8:30 pm said:

    Yahoo! You go girl! My guess is 160 kph!! You look great driving there,was it fun an d better to drive than sit in the passenger seat? Also, is that pizza from the pizza place underneath your flat?

    Love the pics! Hugs to all of you..

    • You’re very close. But nope. It actually was fun to drive. I asked my hubby if he was nervous, which he wasn’t. So that’s good. And the girls were very proud of me. Yes, that is the pizza place we will live right above starting in September. 🙂
      p.s. Maybe I’ll bring YOU a Mars Bars, too. If you’re lucky. 😉

  4. Wow, Steve, you’re only 2 km/hr off! So — you did the same thing, huh? 152 km/hr your first time on the autobahn? Is that how you knew? I’m curious about how fast you and Celeste went… Be looking for that Mars Bar. 🙂 It might be squished, but it will be there.

  5. Yes! 152 km/hr You drive Bria! 🙂

  6. Randy on June 28, 2012 at 10:08 pm said:

    If you had a moose, the cars on the autobahn would pull over and let you pass…I know where you could pick one up.

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