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Because Nourishing Our Souls Is More Than Just Knowing Where to Find the Food {Day 14}

I’ve been writing about finding nourishment for the soul for 14 days now. And still, it’s hard.


Because some days I wake up and my heart feels heavy and I trip over the laundry piles that have been at the foot of my bed for three days now and my daughter doesn’t want to go to school and I have three gazillion things to do and no idea how I’m going to do them. And lunches need making and groceries need buying. And all I want to do is get back in bed for at least another hour.

I am learning that feeding my soul is more than just knowing where to find the food.

I drove my youngest to school today before eating breakfast. That never happens. So I decided to listen to a podcast while cooking and eating my oatmeal.

I ran across this one with Chrystal Evans Hurst and Dr. Tony Evans and found food for my thoughts that led to food for my soul. In the podcast, they talk about connecting with God and listening for His voice. It’s hard when we’re busy.

Let be real, sometimes it’s hard when we’re not busy, too.

So I listened to Chrystal Evans Hurst talk about finding God in the moments. How He shows up in the everyday, and if we look we will find Him.

As you might imagine, I was tracking right along. Because, hello? This is the meat of my 31 days of October. Thoughts of meeting with God, letting Him nurture my soul.

Then, at about 1:45 in the podcast, she said something that made me grab my pen and journal so I could remember it. She asked Are you positioning yourself where God can touch you?

So I asked myself the same thing:

Do I put myself in a position where the God of the Universe can touch me? Have I placed myself today where I can experience God’s hand of provision for my right nows?

When I wake up in the morning and walk to the couch, seeking His voice so He can order my day, have I positioned my spirit in a way that will hear His soft whisper or feel His gentle nudge?

When I spread the peanut butter on that bread, dip that knife into the jelly, am I quiet enough in my spirit to recognize His touch?

I’m pretty sure that’s where nourishing our souls starts.

It’s first thing in the morning prostrating ourselves before Almighty God and letting Him remind us that He’s the One Who wakes up the day, the One Who’s got this already planned out for my good and His glory.

It’s the waiting eyes that search for His hand in the middle of the night when our child’s stomach hurts and we know she’ll be throwing up soon.

He met with me today, reminded me Who He is as I came to Him ready to take what He had. He gave me that and more, and I am full in my spirit because He was ready with His Word.

I believe nourishing my soul has to start with how I position myself before my Savior. Is it humble and ready for His touch and a word? Or am I anxious to cross it off the list and move on with laundry?

**Today is Day 14 of a 31-Day Series I am doing on my blog called 31 Days to Nourish Your Soul. You can catch up here if you’d like.




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    • 🙂 There actually should be one inside the “Share” button at the bottom… Let me know if it doesn’t show up. Also. Thank you, for always encouraging my heart, Rachel. Truly.

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