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Jesus’ Bounty {Nourish Your Soul: Day 25}


Where To Find All You Need {Nourish Your Soul: Day 22}

God, my shepherd! I don’t need a thing. You have bedded me down in lush meadows, you find me quiet pools to drink from.

God My Shepherd

True to your word, you let me catch my breath and send me in the right direction.

Even when the way goes through Death Valley, I’m not afraid when you walk at my side. Your trusty shepherd’s crook makes me feel secure.

 You serve me a six-course dinner right in front of my enemies.
You revive my drooping head; my cup brims with blessing.

 Your beauty and love chase after me every day of my life.

I’m back home in the house of God for the rest of my life.

Psalm 23, The Message

What Thirsty Souls Can Find in Jesus {Day 21}

If anyone thirsty quote

When Jesus said the words, He used the word dipsao to ask if we were thirsty. It means thirst for, desire earnestly.

Figuratively, those are said to thirst who painfully feel their want of, and eagerly long for, those things by which the soul is refreshed, supported, strengthened.

When Jesus said drink, He used the Greek word pino. It means drink, imbibe.

Figuratively, to receive into the soul what serves to refresh, strengthen, nourish it unto eternal life.

Here’s why it matters . . .

Because if you and I drink what only Jesus offers, if we let Him and only Him quench the thirst in our souls, He will refresh, strengthen, nourish them unto eternal life. If we come to Jesus and drink, we will never again painfully feel want of and eagerly long for those things by which our souls are refreshed, supported, strengthened.

And we will find true living, real nourishment, genuine life in Jesus Christ.


When Life is Loud and You Can’t Hear God {Nourish Your Soul: Day 20}

Nourishing our souls is a great idea. Except when life is loud and our minds overwhelm with demands that don’t end and schedules that never let up. So today let’s think through some ways to get quiet and intentionally place ourselves in a position to hear from God and let Him do the nourishing.


Just three tips for when you just don’t know how to shut up and listen for the only One Who can actually bring the nourishment you know you need.

1. Stop. It takes time and strong intention, but just stopping what you’re doing for even five minutes is essential when it comes to nourishing your soul.

So stop right there. Stop the over-thinking, the second-guessing. Stop the self-doubt, the outside noise, the overhwhelmed lie that tells you it’s impossible to quiet your soul and rest, that you have too much to do.

Take a pen and some paper if you need to. Do a brain dump and write everything down that comes to your mind. Then hand it to God and ask Him to show up. Ask Him to quiet your mind so you can hear His whispers, feel His hand when it touches you.

2. Drop. Drop to your knees. Literally. Maybe even your face. Lay flat on the floor and remember.

Remember Who You’re listening for. He’s the King of the Universe, Maker of Life, the One Who thought this whole thing up — this living and breathing and being who you are. He is the One Who invented your dna, strung it together and put you into motion. And He whispers in quiet stillness and humble hearts.

3. Listen. Wait. Look. Keep watch for His hand. Turn your focus to the expectation of His whisper.

Pick up your Bible and turn to a Psalm or a chapter in John or maybe something that caught your ear from last time you listened. Maybe you have a devotional book or a blog you follow that keeps you on track with the study of God’s Word. Just pick up the Bible and listen for His voice right there in His Words.

Question for you: What would you add to this list? How do you find the quiet you need for nourishing your soul? Let’s talk in the comments or over at the Facebook page today.


**We’ve been challenging ourselves to take care of our souls this month. Know someone who might need to find the quiet? Why not let them know about our challenge over here? I would be so grateful if you’d share it with them on Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest or Instagram or even through email. 🙂

Remember This {Nourish Your Soul: Day 16}

Don’t forget to remember . . . 


Because when we forget Who it is that gives breath and life and all we need, we grow weary of life, and our souls get hangry.

Because He is the One Who holds the world in His Sovereign hand, the One in Whose grasp is everything our souls need to survive and to thrive and to really truly live.

Don’t forget to remember.

Because when we forget Who God really is, we can’t find the nourishment that will satisfy our souls. And in our overwhelmed, we stop seeking Him and find ourselves looking only for what we think we need instead of finding the real food He offers.

Don’t forget to remember.

Question for you: What helps you remember that God is God and you are not Him? Tell us in the comments. Or join the conversation on my Facebook page. For me, it’s the pausing. It’s the intentional thought before I start talking to Him in prayer. It only take a breath of a moment, but it makes all the difference in the nourishing of my soul.

**Today is the sixteenth day in a 31-day series we are doing called Nourish Your Soul. You can catch up here if you’d like to join us in the challenge!



When You Just Need to Pause {Nourish Your Soul: Day 15}

So we’re halfway through October. Halfway through those 31 days we committed to nourishing our souls.

I am loving the challenge while at the same time finding it hard to not just cross each day off my list and forget the actual nourishing part. It’s tempting to just write about it rather than actually doing it.

I wonder if all these posts are actually helping you nourish your soul or if they make you a little bit hangry. I wonder if they add to the overwhelmed and make you feel like you just. can’t. keep. up.

Well, my friend, there is good news!

Today, we shall pause. Just catch our breath and soak in the truth that no matter how much we have to do, no matter how far behind we fall in any area of our lives, the One True and Holy God is totally on our side.


He wants to satisfy our souls with rest.

Come to Me, all of you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. (Mt 11:28)

That means no more bearing the weight of the world (or our family or our neighbors or our friend’s sister’s dog) on our shoulders. No more worrying about if we’re screwing this up. 

All of you, take up My yoke and learn from Me, because I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for yourselves. (Mt 11:29)

Just Jesus. Just grace.

For My yoke is easy and My burden is light. (Mt 11:30)

Today, we will find our rest in the trust. We will find our breath in the way of His Spirit. We will trust that He’ll lead us and show us every next step.

And we will trade in our large-and-in-charge attitudes for His easy and light hold.

So come and listen and wait and breathe and ask the God Who gives rest to let you bask in its comfort.

Come to Jesus. And rest.


Worship Anyway {Nourish Your Soul Day 13}

It had been a rough couple of weeks. No single major catastrophe, just a lot of little things nipping at my heels. I was discouraged. Feeling sorry for myself, really.

Find Him Thank Him Praise Him

So when I entered worship in the gym that Sunday morning, I hoped God would see it from my perspective and join my pity party.

He didn’t.

That’s not how God works. In fact, He does things altogether differently.

Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise (Ps 100:4).

Wanna’ know how to be where Jesus is? Thank Him. Wanna’ know how to rest where He dwells? Praise Him.

If you’re like me, you know sometimes that’s easy. Like when the sun sets beautifully over the corn crops down the road, and I can almost hear the earth shouting for joy to Creator God. Or when I see God’s hand working clearly in my children’s lives.

Other times, though, it’s more difficult, this praising thing. When my kids are sick or a friend hurts my feelings. When my computer crashes and I have thirty devotions to write. Or when the cats next door rip through the screen in my back porch, and I can’t enjoy my alone time on the porch that I love so dearly.

And even then, God wants my praise.

He doesn’t change His gate-entry procedure according to our circumstances. God is always good. He still deserves our praise. Not only that, but He knows when we worship Him we remember Who He is. Funny, because the converse is also true: when we remember Who He is, we can’t help but worship Him.

Worship the LORD with gladness (Ps 100:1) . . .

True worship is that which is glad in Who God is. Period.

For the LORD is good and his love endures forever (Ps 100:5).

No matter where we are. No matter what we feel.

I might not be glad about the my ripped screen. But the LORD is God. He’s my God.

I might be downright upset about not having a computer for a short time. But I am God’s. A sheep in His pasture under His care.

And we can know God’s true presence and enter into His very place of dwelling when we choose to praise Him anyway. Only then will we find true joy.

Worship anyway.

**We are on a journey to nourish our souls in October. If you’re new here and want to catch up, here’s what we’ve done so far . . .


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This post was first published at Everyday With God in August, 2011.

How Playdates With God Can Feed Our Souls {Day 6 : A Book Review}

I’ve heard the call a hundred times.

God’s quiet call to come and just be. To enjoy what He has for me today. To quiet myself and wait. To notice the moment and read it like an invitation from God Himself . . .

Come and listen and sit with Me a bit. Let’s dance together. Let’s do this life thing the right way — together.

Yes, I know it well.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAStill, how many times have I ignored it? How many times have I brushed off the nudges of God for the busy self-importance I’ve convinced myself I deserve? More times than I care to admit, I’m afraid.

If only I would stop, and tend to the moments God offers with joy. If only I would see the holy in the moments that I discipline myself to attend to. (Playdates With God: Having a Childlike Faith in a Grown-up World, p 170) 

That’s what author Laura Boggess writes in her refreshing and challenging memoir, Playdates With God : Having a Childlike Faith in a Grown-up World.

She uses the beautiful, deeply thought-out words of her heart to paint pictures of playdates with the Author of Life. She urges us to live in the wonder of any given moment, to let God command the time and trust Him to show us the sacred.

What might happen if you and I would actually seek out the wonder and the playfulness of children as we approach God in the everyday?

I would venture to say we’d find the kind of nourishment our souls need in the deepest way.

Laura’s story begins with a challenge to meet God weekly. To schedule playdates with God in order to know Him more deeply, love Him more intimately, and live more fully in the wonder that is relationship with Almighty God.

The book comes out tomorrow, but you can order it today. I got to read it early so I could tell you about it here. 🙂 (Woot! Woot!) And I’m telling you it did not disappoint. In fact, it spoke to the parts of me that want to find the kind of nourishment we’re looking for in these 31 days of October.

(Seriously. How perfect is that?)

Because finding our souls’ food from the One Who made them and knows what we need can be more than just sitting quietly, Bibles open, pen in hand. Sometimes it’s jumping on a trampoline wondering at the awesomeness the God Who let you be right here. Right now.

Truly, what if we quieted ourselves enough to let God lure us in to play with Him regularly?

Didn’t He make us each unique? What might happen if we let Him lead us in the way we were made and feed us with that? What if God wants to meet us at our favorite place doing what we love to do most? What if that’s re-finishing a dresser or planting some flowers or twirling on top of mountain like Maria Von Trapp?

And what if we actually looked for God inside those moments? What if we met Him right inside the play?

It’s a question worth asking if we want nourishment for our souls. A question I’m so glad Laura Boggess asked when she started her adventure to find God in the right now.

Speaking of questions, what might it look like for you to meet God on a playdate? What would you do together?

I think I would go on a photo expedition at the OARDC or somewhere outside where we’d listen for the birds and try to find the tree that displays the most fall colors in its leaves. (Hmmm… I think I may have just planned my next playdate with God.)


**Laura’s book is on amazon right here.  (It’s an affiliate link, so if you use it, you’ll help me get some coffee cash *at no extra cost to you*. So thanks.)

You can find Laura at her website, www.lauraboggess.com. You can also follow her on Twitter: @LauraBoggess and on Instagram: @LauraBoggess. Seriously, you should check her out. She’s really great!

Are you new to our challenge to Nourish Our Souls during the month of October? Welcome! Here’s where we’ve been so far on our journey:


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What God Says About How To Be Happy {Nourish Your Soul: Day 5}


What To Do When You Know You Need Better Water {Day 3 in the Nourish Your Soul Challenge}


If only it weren’t so easy to forget the only real kind of food that will truly nourish our souls comes from Jesus Christ. From believing Him, following His ways, letting Him be the actually Lord of our lives.

The lady in John 4 didn’t know. That’s why she kept drinking from the cup called approval-from-men. Looking for deep soul satisfaction from the men she thought loved her. The men she believed could be the answer to her do I really matter to anyone questions.

That’s why she kept having to come back for more. But Jesus showed up and rocked her world with the truth. She totally matters. That’s why He struck up a conversation with her.

You and I have questions too. Questions we’ve tried to answer with whatever we can find to put into our styrofoam cups and drink. But the bottom of the cup only shows us how much more thirsty we are.

The only way to never thirst again is to feed on the truth that is Jesus Christ. His life. His words. His gift of deep intimacy with us that He offers if only we will take it.

That’s why this morning I sat on my porch with my Bible and asked Him to show up. I wrote a note to Him in my journal and asked if He’d please let me hear Him, please help me be quiet so I can hear.

Because my soul needs real food.


My porch is my favorite place to have it out with God. When my soul feels hangry, and I actually respond to God’s nudge, I take my journal and my pen and my Bible, and I sit there and wait.

What about you? Is there something you do, some place you go, when you know you need God to show up? Maybe you don’t really ask anything. Maybe you just sit quietly. Or find a worship song and turn it up super loud. Or maybe you go for a run. Or a drive. Or maybe you clean your bathroom. Will you share with us in the comments?

Can’t wait to hear from you!! 🙂