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Everyday With God {An Invitation To Join Me}

So I’ve been studying Moses and Exodus and Numbers lately for a devotional series I’m writing at Everyday With God. And it’s kind of awesome.


Because, although I’ve read about Moses and the Israelites and the plagues and the road to freedom and the Promised Land before, this time it’s a little different.

For whatever reason, God is taking His Word and showing me stuff in it that I never noticed before.

Like that Moses had a dream to save his people looooong before God showed up inside that burning bush and sent him back to Egypt.

And that when God called His people out of slavery, it was because He wanted them to serve Him and worship Him. And isn’t that really what true and real life is all about anyway. I mean, the only best way to really live is in honor of the Maker of Real Life.

Isn’t that the real and more and better life that Jesus said He came to give?

Well, today’s devotion is near and dear to me. So I want to invite you to come over and check it out. Click right here and you’ll go right to it.

Then come on back here and tell me in the comments how God used His truth to help you live more of the real life He wants for you.

See you in a bit…

2 Thoughts on “Everyday With God {An Invitation To Join Me}

  1. I have given Moses words thought as well this week, last week. How quickly we say, “No God, certainly you can’t mean us!” We have our disqualifying weaknesses mentally lined up. But when God says GO, we best go. He will provide the things we are missing

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