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With Extravagance

Remember Mary of Bethany?  You know, the one who always ends up at Jesus’ feet every time she shows up in the Bible.  The one who risked it all just to love Him extravagantly.  She risked her dignity showing up at that men-only banquet in order to spill extravagance all over the feet of her hero and then wipe it up with her hair.  Tens of thousands of dollars worth of extravangance.

Because it was all that she had.  It was everything she had.

I think about that, my favorite-ever story in the Bible, and I wonder . . . what if I loved Jesus like Mary did?

What if I was not just verbally willing, but put-my-money-where-my-mouth-is willing to give Jesus literally every ounce of everything I have?  My dignity.  My comfort.  My time.  My energy.  My motivation.  My sleep.  My budget.  And I’m not just talking sacrifice.  I’m talking what if I loved Him so radically, so intensely extravagantly that I was not just willing, but was excited to give it all?

I think He would like my extravagance.  I think it would smell like million-dollar perfume to Him.  And I think He would be pleased.

Extravagantly pleased.

4 Thoughts on “With Extravagance

  1. such a good reminder for an upcoming busy season. =0)

  2. I think he would not only be pleased, but I think he longs for this. I think, if I might be so bold to say it, that he REQUIRES this of us. No one likes to think that, but what about when Zaccheus finally came to his senses and gave back 4 times what he stole and Jesus’ reply was, “salavation has come to your house today.” It’s not the radical giving that saves us, it’s the saving that makes us give radically. I long to pour myself out this extravagantly, too. I will wrestle with this every day as long as I live. At least I hope I will. Thanks for this post, friend!

    • Me too. And me too. And — “it’s not the radical giving that saves us, it’s the saving that makes us give radically” Well, Diane, that’s some good stuff right there! Truth at its finest. 🙂 I so badly don’t want to forget the saving, like Mary. I want to live the worship and the love like that.

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