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Faith in Motion {Nourish Your Soul: Day 17}

When we come to Jesus, He gives us what we need for every next step. He gives us faith. He gives us His Spirit.

And that is how we move by faith into every next step. That is how He nourishes our souls. Somehow when we move, even when we feel like we don’t have it in us, He gives us what we need for every. next. step.


But sometimes it feels like He forgot because the fog is thick, the steps are steep and we can’t see the other side. In fact, we can’t even imagine how we’ll get to the next step, much less the top of them.

That’s when we come back to Him and trust Him for that next move, look to Him for the energy and strength to take that next step.

And always. He shows up and strengthens us enough for it. Always and without fail.

Because when we trust Him as the Master of our lives, His Holy Spirit lives inside of us. He promised.

As you go into your weekend, look toward next week, is there something that looks too steep to climb? Fog that looks too thick to conquer?

Come to Jesus. Live. By faith. Soul nourished, Spirit alive, faith in motion.

Because, really, it’s the only way.

Question for you: I would count it a privilege to pray for you this weekend. Are you facing something that looks scary or too steep? How can I pray for you? Let me know in the comments? I promise I will pray.



2 Thoughts on “Faith in Motion {Nourish Your Soul: Day 17}

  1. Adopting four brothers from Haiti, ages 5,7,8 and 12….have seven bio children, would appreciate prayers for the wait and transition once they come home. This post was exactly what I needed, bless you in Christ for sharing it.

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