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Finding Friends Where I’ve Never Been


I’m kind of a freak when it comes to online friending. You know, like awkward. Because I’ve never really caught its rhythm, never could figure out how to come across on the screen like I come across in person.

I’m pretty good in person. I like making people feel comfortable when they are unsure. Acting like buddies with people behind me in the grocery line. You know, yucking it up if there’s any kind of connection or any kind of anything to laugh about together. It’s probably weird for the person behind me, but I don’t usually care. I just like making people feel comfortable in their own skin. Even if they think I’m a dork. I’m somewhat (perhaps falsely?) secure in my real-life friending methods.

But the online social media friendship thing has always sort of befuddled me.

Then I started an online writing course called TribeWriters by Jeff Goins, and I gained access to an online community that is pushing me out of my social-media dorkdom and pulling me into some amazing friendships, on professional as well as personal levels. I am learning things about online friendship that I honestly did not know I didn’t know.

Like, for example, you can have real friends even if you’ve never met them in person. Also, writers are pretty amazing and generous people.

Well, one of my new friends, Christa Sterken, invited me over to her blog today to talk about facing fear. (And you know I am all about that!) She’s in the middle of a series where she writes about just that. She’s a beautiful soul who does really cool things with pictures. She pairs Bible verses and wisdom words with her photographs and inspires in unique ways.

Anyway, I wanted to invite you to check out her blog (and also my guest post) today. Snoop around a bit. Maybe leave her a comment and give her some lovin’. Hope you enjoy it. (Just click on those links where the words change color, and you’ll end up there. www.ChristaSterken.com)

4 Thoughts on “Finding Friends Where I’ve Never Been

  1. I completely agree, sounds like we have even more in common than we thought! I wouldn’t never have suspected you might make true friends in social media. Everything about TW came as a surprise, a pleasant one!

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