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Five Minutes on Paint

I always wanted to be a painter. So today when I saw Lisa-Jo’s writing prompt for 5-minute-Friday as I sat in the art room at my kids’ school, I was excited and inspired and a little nostalgic for the day when I believed I could actually use paint to make beautiful art.

The word is paint.


They come individually throughout the morning. five and six-year-old kindergarten wannabe’s. Some of them don’t really wanna’ be, though.

I sit at a table awaiting their arrivals. One by one, they show up in the art room for the vision screening I will help with today. I think it’s because I’m a parent of a sixth-grader, but I’m not really sure.

It’s the art room that plays my office this morning. The art room at the bottom of the stairs in that little school I call the private school I don’t have to pay tuition for. Just one class per grade, all the teachers carefully chosen for my children, I feel. So thankful am I for this sacred place they call theirs.

And the art hangs on walls all around me. It colors the bulletin boards and inspires my children.

Think Art

The teacher who calls this place her room is coming and going today. So I can share her space as I help introduce these tiny people to the world that will be theirs in a few short months.

I have lots of down time in between customers, so I pick up my phone and click a few pics.

And paint and colors surround me and I love the inspired and the fresh that I feel when I walk through these halls where my children learn to live and make art with their living and their friendships and their conversations and their heartbreaks.

The smell of poster paint and construction paper and glue takes me back to a time when I believed I could do anything. Before Mr. Bukoszky chided my work in high school and led the rest of my painting class in a laugh-fest over the colors I had chosen.

That’s when I found a different way to paint my world. I found words and photos and learned to mold those things I felt confident with into things I knew nothing about.


I’m linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker today for Five-Minute-Fridays, where a whole bunch of brave writers throw caution to the wind and write unedited for five minutes straight before sharing it with the world.

Five Minute Friday

6 Thoughts on “Five Minutes on Paint

  1. So sorry that that teacher made fun of your art. I hope you can see how much talent you really have and begin to paint again! Blessings to you. Thanks for being vulnerable and telling your story! Visiting from behind you at FMF!

    • Aw, thank you, Anne. I’m ok about it. I mean, I do still remember it, and it’s probably why I balk at paint brushes and canvases now, but I still think painting is fun. Honestly, I love painting with words and photos more, so it turned into a good thing. 🙂

  2. So many people crushed under the words of High School art teachers. I have come across so many similar stories. So glad you have found your creative way, and hope you will play with paint again. Love your description of the school.

  3. kellysshining on April 12, 2014 at 1:35 am said:

    I am glad that even if you were held off on painting, you still let your creativity flow. Beautiful post. Thank you for sharing a view into your world (and what a wonderful world it must be!) with today’s FMF. Have a lovely weekend!

  4. Hi Brianna! I’m visiting from FMF
    and love what you wrote here,”That’s when I found a different way to paint my world. I found words and photos and learned to mold those things I felt confident with into things I knew nothing about.” I’m so glad you didn’t give up all of your art because of that teacher. I like the style on your photo, and I’m so glad you found your way to paint your world. Keep on doing your thing. It matters, and your work matters!
    -Ava Sophie

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