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So every Friday, my friend Lisa-Jo writes for 5 mintues unedited. And then she challenges her readers to do the same. Sometimes I take the challenge. Usually I don’t. Today — it’s on.

The word is GRASP.

I only hoped I could grasp the gist of what would happen. No idea how this morning’s first class would go. My husband had gone to the same level German class two nights ago and left wondering “What the heck just happened?!?”

We’d signed up for the same A2 level German class at different times. Because we want to learn German. Because we want to leave this land knowing how to communicate with the people here. Because we want to grasp all that it has to offer, this living here for one year adventure. And knowing the language seems to be a big component for that. It wasn’t until after he got home that night that we discovered his class was a “Konversation Sprechen” kind of class (forgive my way-off German grammar and spelling, I am only at the beginning of my learning curve). Mine, however, is the “Standard Kurs” for level A2. Therefore, when I walked into the building this morning, I had no idea how much I would understand. I had no idea how much, if anything, I would grasp.

But — here’s the awesome part of this story — I think I got it! Turns out the Standard Course is less, well, conversational. And, although it took all the concentration I could possibly muster for an entire 90 minutes, I was able to grasp at least some of what the teacher and the other students said.

I’d call that a good day.

10 Thoughts on “Grasp

  1. Elisabeth on September 28, 2012 at 8:57 am said:

    I think you getting better with every day…Wilhelmine already understands you! :))

  2. So glad you joined in today! I so love your use of story and pictures! And I am proud of you for grasping all that you can in this adventure that you are on. Love you!

  3. Linda Thompson on September 28, 2012 at 9:11 am said:

    good job!!! i know you both will grasp it!! my question is will drew be able to get into the correct class?? just looking out for him!!

  4. karen127 on September 28, 2012 at 9:30 am said:

    I sent you my 5 min on grasp. It may have been 6 because Paul asked me how to spell something and told me about something he read. I am not sure you got it though, because I do not have a grasp on all my usernames and passwords. :).

  5. Very cool. Grasping a foreign language has never been easy for me. Lucky you to be living and learning. Looks very beautiful.

  6. Love finding you in this Friday collection of wonderful women and words, Bria. German is a funny language, isn’t it? Anytime I speak it Peter says it sounds like we’re hocking up a loogie. Ha. But what an experience you guys must be having over there! So fun. Love getting a glimpse into it.

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