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How I Fed My Soul This Week {Nourish Your Soul: Day 4}

It’s been a good week. Granted, we’re only four days in to our Nourish Your Soul Challenge. But I thought since I’m leading this charge, I should probably keep it real. So each Saturday, I will give you an update on how exactly I nourished my soul for the week.


Then it will be your turn. So get ready . . .

How I nourished my soul this week:

  • Even when I had a lot to do, I took my journal and my Bible (and, of course, my pen) out to my porch and sat there. All quiet-like. And I asked God to meet me there. Then. I waited. #sogoodformysoul
  • When I went to my new office my new favorite place to get some writing done on Wednesday morning — because I had too much crap clutter in my house to focus on anything writing — I made a new friend. We’d chatted another time I was there, but this time I got to see Don as a real person. And God used him to remind me of my grandpa in so many ways. #soulfood
  • I cleaned my bathroom and finally put away the basket full of stuff that’s been sitting on the floor next to my dresser since the day we emptied our bedroom boxes in June when we moved in. Amazing how getting rid of clutter helps my soul breathe.
  • I spent an entire morning with a dear friend who loves Jesus and His Word so deeply I can’t be around her and not want to know Him more. So thankful for friends like this. #coffeetime
  • I turned on my Crowder Band Pandora station and let Matt Maher lead me in worship in my car while I sang Lord, I Need You at the top of my lungs and with my whole entire heart and soul. (You can too. Click the link and crank it up, man!!) #itsagreatsong

Okay, your turn. How did you feed your soul this week? Tell us in the comments.

5 Thoughts on “How I Fed My Soul This Week {Nourish Your Soul: Day 4}

  1. I have had consistent time where I am being in His presence thru His Holy Bible snd prayer. Made a very conscious effort to have this be the FIRST TYPE OF INFORMATION INTO MY HEAD before anything else gets in the way,! I also feel nourished as I get things sorted and put away. I do not like clutter…

    • Oh man, I love this LInda! Making God’s Word the first type of information into your head! What a great challenge. Sometimes I’m good at this, but lately I’m not. Thanks for the challenge.

  2. #mysoulfood #oatmealandjesusinthemorning #neworshipsongs #runningandpraying #serving #watchingpeoplemeetjesusforthefirsttime #preciousfriends.. (ps lovin’ those cherries)

  3. I will admit, I did not nourish my soul with The Lord as much as I would have liked to.

    Wednesday Night however, I had a #reallife conversation with one my gcbi girls about spiritual warfare and that nourished my soul more than anything.

    Thursday I was able to spend some Quality Time with the GCBI students at a family from the Church and that is always a joy. After that I was able to counsel and remind a gcbi student of what Christ says she is worth. That was a blessing beyond belief because as The Lord was giving me the Truth to speak into her life, He was speaking into mine and reminding me.

    Friday night all of the students and us RA’s celebrated finishing the Bible Read Through by having some QT over homemade pizza and Apples to Apples. And then I was woken in the middle of the night by a gcbi girl who couldn’t sleep. She crawled in my bed and together we went before The Lord. It’s amazing how in the dead of sleep He makes Himself known to you once again!

    Saturday The Lord blessed my heart while I just worshipped Him driving students and friends back from a beach trip in a 15 passenger van. With Every song, He reminded me that He is present and real and Here.
    I opened up 1Samuel and read 3-7 and was just reminded that without a relationship with God, His “rules” seem life a curse. But from the love He has for me I want to love Him in return by pleasing Him the way He is pleased. =)

What do you say?

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