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How I Nourished My Soul This Week {Day 18}

Happy Saturday, my friend! Time to check in on how God’s been nourishing our souls.


In all honesty, this week was a bit of a struggle. Last summer when I ended my great summer slowdown, I had some pretty clear directives about how to do each day . . .

  1. Nourish your soul.
  2. Nourish your family.
  3. Point to Jesus.

It sounds really great, even has a bit of a rhythm to it when I say it out loud. And it works great when I’m not busy.


Things are getting busy, and it’s easy to get them out of order and forget that if I fail to nourish my soul, I will be ineffective to feed my family and to point to Jesus. Because I’ll be all dried up and hangry and unable to do it at all.

So, now that I’ve come clean, here are some of the tidbits of soul food I found this week…

  • I went to breakfast with my dear friend. She texted me in the middle of a rough moment this week and left me no room to back out and said We are going to breakfast this week. Which day can you go? And my soul took a deep breath because I knew she knew that I needed it badly. #sothankful
  • We went to my husband’s grandma’s house and watched the Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Miami Heat in their pre-season match up. How did that feed my soul, you ask? Well, we are Cleveland fans in this home, by virtue of the legacy that my husband’s family has ingrained in him. And we have LeBron back. ‘Nuff said.
  • A dear friend called on one of my bad days and prayed for me out loud after listening and understanding. #soulfood
  • In the quiet of my drive to pick up my daughter one day, God showed up and reminded me of what He wants. And He started changing the way I pray. (But I’ll tell you more about that next week.)

Question for you: How did God nourish your soul this week? Tell us in the comments…

4 Thoughts on “How I Nourished My Soul This Week {Day 18}

  1. If we only had good days……they wouldn’t be ‘good days’

  2. Theda Zimmerman on October 19, 2014 at 7:25 pm said:

    All lives have mountains and valleys. The trick is to see the beauty in both. Not that I have always done that, but it does get easier as I get older. May be a bit wiser? I hope so.

    Love ya.

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