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How To Have Quiet When Christmastime Starts

Right about this time, every year of my motherhood life, I start feeling like I need to catch up. The anticipation of Christmastime fills the air of my lungs and I get so excited and stressed and happy that I don’t know what to feel, so I just walk around kind of crazed and pretend like I can handle this. Excited with the little trailers that pop up all over town, getting ready for Christmas tree shoppers on the hunt for perfection.

I love the buzz of Christmastime’s approach the few days before Thanksgiving. It gets my Christmas spirit pumping and makes me want to break out the cookie recipes and turn up the Jingle Bells. Yep. Two days before Thanksgiving for me is a perfect mix of hot mess and joyful bliss.

This year feels different. We all knew it would. Because Germans don’t have an official day when it’s socially acceptable to break out the Christmas decor. No 11-month timer that goes off at 11:59 Thanksgiving Day and rings Let the Christmas season officially begin. Germany declares no decisive day that must officially pass in order for Christmastime to actually begin.

People here celebrate Christmastime by calling it Advent. They start decorating the town in the middle of November. They’ve had Gluhwein and Crepes in a little Christmas Dorf (village) since last month. And I haven’t heard anyone complain about it. (Of course, I don’t understand most of what anyone says, so there’s that.) I can feel myself easing into the season. And I like the quiet I feel in the ease.

It’s got me thinking about the quiet I have always wanted at Christmastime. Not quiet like no music or bell-ringing or loud celebration. But quiet like Mary’s may-it-be-to-me-as-you-have-said spirit. The kind of quiet that loves the celebration but doesn’t let the crazy stress of it get into my heart’s crevices.

I talk about it every year. This year, I always decide, I will find Jesus more in the season. I won’t let myself get caught up in the urgent of the crazy and the lists. Won’t miss the reality of true Christmas. But then I find an unfinished list. Or an unwritten one (let’s keep it real). And I forget stocking stuffers and what about the neighbors and the baking and oh crap I forgot that teacher! And the quiet turns to chaos in a Christmas spirit heartbeat.

And suddenly the season of God being born becomes less-than in my I-want-to-be-like-Mary heart.

So I have decided to to make a change this Christmastime season. For starters, I think I’ll call it Advent like the Germans. It hits the spot more dead-center, I think.

I’ve decided to give something to Jesus every day of the Advent. To look for things He wants. A heart that is willing to say okay. A quiet morning of zero emails. A crepe bought for a beggar in the marketplace. Everyday I will search for what He wants from me. Maybe it will be a song I sing to Him in the shower. A verse memorized and prayed back to Him. I will ask Him each day. And then I will look for His answer.

Because He is the One I want my heart to celebrate. Jesus is the One I want to give real gifts to. The kind of gifts that will last forever.

So, here is my plea… Will you do it with me? Don’t we all want the quiet? Don’t we all want our Christmas spirit to bring honor to the Christ-child more than anything else? Don’t we want to live inside the Christmastime rather than wish we’d done it differently after the gifts are all unwrapped and we’ve taken our Christmas Day naps?

Please consider joining me. I could really use the company. I’ll write about it here a few times a week. You can, too. Right here in the comments. Or over on my facebook page. We’ll use the hashtag #giftsforJesus to keep it going over on Twitter.

So — how ’bout it, friend? You in? Please say yes! Shoot me an email and let me know you’re in so I can pray for you. Or leave a comment.

5 Thoughts on “How To Have Quiet When Christmastime Starts

  1. I’m all in. I need quiet, peace and quiet. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. I love your description of the days around thanksgiving, before Christmas totally descends. I download you on FB, and look forward to quiet advent.

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