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In Which I (Humbly) Ask For Your Help {Please Take My Survey} {Pretty Please}

You know those times in life when a theme kind of develops and defines a certain season?

Like when you know you need to live a healthier lifestyle, so you find the book you bought two years ago but never read. Then you pick up Lysa Terkeurst’s Made to Crave, (that’s an affiliate link, just so you know) dusty as it is, and you start to read it.

While you’re reading it, you come across a great tip about writing a helpful Bible verse on an index card for your counter or your fridge to help you make right choices at snack time.

So you write down a verse from Galatians 5, because it reminds you that because of Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit of God lives in you and gives you power to make healthier choices.

cadence fruit

And you place that Scripture-laden index card right in the middle of your counter, with the fruit, so you’ll see it a lot. Especially at the daily 3pm chocolate-craving time.

It helps. Most of the time.

A week later, your phone rings, and you see it’s someone who will take some energy to talk to. Energy you don’t really feel like expending right now. It’s someone God’s been nudging you about serving more and loving better. So you don’t want to answer it, but your phone’s right next to that index card. And when you pick it up to silence the ringer you see the verse and remember the truth.

So you pick up the phone and keep in step with the Spirit as He shows you each step through that difficult conversation.

Before you know it, the words keep in step with the Spirit start to become part of your normal. You notice them in a devotion you read, a sermon you hear and, of course, on that tiny little index card.

Well, that’s kind of how I came to adopt those fourteen words I wrote about last month. Fourteen words for 2014.

My Fourteen Words

since we live

Because I have a lot to work on. A lot of weak that needs strengthened. A lot of dull that needs shined.

Because I know I need to love more like Jesus and eat more like Lysa Terkeurst and take care of my body more like Jamie Anderson. I want to pursue God’s call on my life to help make Him famous with my words. And I know the only way I can possibly do any of those with excellence or any semblance of balance is to follow every step the Holy Spirit of God shows me.

When The Ball Dropped

I was so all about keeping in step with the Spirit when the ball dropped on December 31. And I thought I knew where the run was headed. I had three goals for 2014 and what I thought was the laser focus to get them done.

Then the temperature dropped to Arctic, and my kids didn’t have school for like an entire month (seriously. There is no way that was only three days.) And the routine I thought I was going to slide right into hit a wall early on. By January 6, I was already scrambling to find the cadence I thought I knew so I could chase the dreams I thought I knew how to get.

The Cadence of the Spirit

The Hebrew word for keeping in step with the Spirit is the same word we English speakers use for cadence. Like the song from that awesome 1980’s commercial for (wait for it) The Clapper. Remember it? 


Are you singing it yet? You are welcome.

But here’s the thing about the cadence of the Spirit: He’s the One Who calls it out. Not me. He’s the One Who sets the pace. If I’m seeking His voice, finding His way through the Word of God, I cannot miss it.

To keep in step is to faithfully follow. To find the Spirit’s cadence is to trust that even when the weather goes negative three hundred degrees, and my kids have another snow day, and my writing schedule gets thrown off, I look for ways to make God famous.

In step with the Spirit means when my friend calls and needs me to come and cry with her and talk her down, I listen, and I point to Jesus with my tears and my quiet.

I’ve been listening more carefully for that cadence lately. Finding the faithful in every small step. For my family. For my friendships. For the words I write.

It’s what gets me up before my kids in the morning as of late. It’s what makes me write the way I do. The cadence of the Spirit is literally what keeps me from ramming into the lady in the after-school pick up line who never. waits. her. turn. ever. on any day.

And here’s where you come in. More than anything, I want my words, and my whole life, to point you to Jesus. And I want to do it better here in this place I call my home on the internet. So I could really use your help.

I have this little survey that I wonder it you might take two minutes to fill out. It will help me so much. In return, I would like to send you a small gift that I hope might help you as you listen for the Spirit’s cadence next month. It’s a printable March calendar with daily verses to help you listen for the Spirit’s cadence.

Also, would you consider sharing this post. I know it’s like the longest blog post. ever. But I would love to hear from as many of you as possible so I can make this place even awesomer.

Ready? Set.Click here to take survey


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