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Inspired Praise, part 1

The dark descends earlier than I’m used to this week.  Change has fallen.  Fall has changed.  As the dusk moves in over the trees through the sparse gray clouds that hover to the west and the east and over my head, I look to my left and feel my heart skip a beat.  My breath stops momentarily, and I struggle to keep my eyes on the road that takes us home from piano lessons and the busy of the day.  As I drive through the end of my busy, the moon drives away the daytime with a light of its own.  It ushers awe straight into my soul.

And I praise the One Who formed the orb and put it right there for me to see tonight.  How can I not?  He knows the sometimes dark in my soul.  The often fear.  The stress.  The very God Who lit the moon, lightens my heart with the same power and love.  He uses the rhythm of the day to regulate the rhythm of my soul in this crazy season that is my life lately.

I pull into the driveway and run to my camera.  I want to capture the beauty, the purity of the light against the almost-dark.  And I think of Ann Voskamp who chased the moon and found 1,000 Gifts for which to thank God.  And my Canon Sureshot doesn’t do it any justice.  I can’t capture the glory of the moment with my lens.  So I hold onto the moment with my soul instead.

And He inspires praise with the end of a day and the quiet of a moment.

Thanking God tonight for the praise He inspires and the quiet He gives.

One Thought on “Inspired Praise, part 1

  1. Misty Hackathorn on November 11, 2011 at 9:02 am said:

    Wow!! What a description and magnificent reaction to the glory of God and His creation. It is a blessing to have your point of view and to have you as a friend. Thank you so much for sharing. God Bless

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