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Learning the Life. Unafraid. {Day 27}

Twenty-seven days in a row of life. Unafraid is teaching me some stuff. I hope you’ve been following along. (If you’ve missed any of the days, you can catch up here.) Here’s a taste of what I am learning. In no particular order:

  • I can live unafraid right here, right now. Because the God of Life is in charge. And He is always good.

You are good, and what you do is good . . . (Psalm 119:68)

  • He created us to need faithful. And mighty. And He is both. Always faithful. Completely almighty. Therefore, God is always enough. So I can entrust all my anxious everything to Him, the object of all my awed reverence, true fear. And fearing Him, well that’s a good thing, because I was made to do it.

  • Whatever control I think I have over what might happen, is only pretend. The things I worry about, as if my worry might change a single thing about any of it, are all inside God’s hand. And when I give up the pretend control and trust that He is in fact directing every detail, He grants me peace. And joy to live fully right where I am. Even if it’s in the middle of a bus next to a scary little boy.

What are you learning about unafraid? Leave a comment by clicking the little bubble next to the post title at the top. Or click on “Let me know you were here” and send me an email. Really, I really want to know what you’re learning about wearing unafraid. Pleeeease?

What do you say?

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