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Learning to Run

The clouds cover and drip and move around to allow a glimpse of what they hide. And the blue sky above peeks through long enough for barely a breath before returning to hiding.  And I wonder how long. How much longer?

I turn the corner and my eyes find my next goal. I will run to the stop sign. Then I’ll catch my breath and pick up the pace again.

And I am learning to run. Becoming a runner.

And somehow as the soles of my shoes touch every foot of five miles, my soul learns too. I grasp for the energy to finish that stretch, and He whispers His pleasure at my faithfulness, even as He shows me a picture of the hope of blue sky that, although hiding, still remains. And He reminds me of His own enduring faithfulness. His faithful endurance.

I turn left at the stop sign and discover a hill. It’s steep. Good thing I’m walking now. I wonder if He hates hills as much as I do.

I started learning in January so I could (mostly) run a 10k in two weeks. To help rescue kids whose parents sell them for sex. To save children in Southeast Asia from destitution and more evil than my stomach can handle. Because running a 10k is a tangible way to get on board with the Father’s plan to save orphans. I have trained for three months and have yet to enjoy the running.

But today He lets me smell the pleasure. And as I round the next curve and pick up the pace again, I realize how good it feels. This running. I smile and think how thankful I am for this moment. Finally. Because sometimes when I know He’s called me to do something, it’s fun and easy to answer. But this time it’s been harder. Not as much fun. 

Until today.

And my feet keep the beat of the song of praise that He teaches me to sing. The new song He gave me for this run.

13. learning to run and praise God all at the same time

14.  sister-friends to share life with

15. the flower-disguise of purple and yellow weeds in my yard

16. glimpses of sunlight and bright blue sky

17. evidence of the Father’s work in a little girl’s heart

18. finding my sweet spot

19. early morning cartoons

20. six-year-old fingers wrapped around mine

21. remembering

22. new songs

23. skinny vanilla lattes

24. friends who celebrate the day I was born

2 Thoughts on “Learning to Run

  1. Linda on May 2, 2011 at 9:50 pm said:

    Good words hon, I am proud of you and your faithfulness in this challenge,running for the right reasons and the right causes, and relying on God for getting you through…

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