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Life Unafraid


I used to be afraid of stuff. I mean really afraid. And of lots of stuff. Like spiders. And crashing into someone every time I had to switch lanes on the freeway. And barf. Truth be told, I still struggle with fear sometimes. 

In January, 2012, I chose a word to focus on with intentional purpose. The word was unafraid. Turned out to be a good choice.

Six months later, my husband and I picked up our two kids and moved overseas for a year-long expatriate assignment. It didn’t take long for me to realize once I got there that if I let myself crouch behind walls of afraid, I would miss would miss the adventure of the life we had gone there to live.

And I didn’t want to miss it.

The truth is, I don’t want to miss any adventure that might lay ahead. But if I let myself crouch behind walls of afraid, I will miss the life God wants for me. The kind of living He offers in His sovereign, crazy love.

That’s why I wrote a manifesto and called it Life Unafraid. Because I believe God created me for a real kind of living. The kind I believe many of us have yet to experience. Because we’re too afraid.

Perhaps you’ll recognize something of yourself in these words as well. If so, why not declare them with me? Why not place take your the fear you’ve been hiding behind and put it where it really belongs. On the only One worthy of all our fear. God Himself.



A Manifesto For Life Unafraid

I am tired of merely surviving. Afraid. Living a less-than life because of what might lurk in the dark beyond.

I am finished with the anxious. Done with the dread of things unknown.

No more worry about what I cannot control. Or even the stuff I can. No more angst over possible outcomes.

I choose life. Unafraid. Here is where it begins. Right here in the middle of uncomfortable. Smack dab in the center of scary.

No more waiting for perfect timing. No more waiting for calm and peace. Life unafraid is what I choose.

I will cling to the calm Jesus Christ offers.

No more pretending control. No more freaking out when I don’t know what will happen. No spending time worried and anxious about what-ifs.

I will live. Unafraid.

I choose un-anxious, undaunted, un-wavering faith in the One Sovereign God Who already exists where I have not been.

When I find myself on unfamiliar streets, I will pull out my map, put on my courage, and listen for the Spirit’s voice.

I will choose unafraid.

When my kids call out in the middle of the night, when the phone rings loud at o-dark-thirty, unafraid is my motto. It is what I will choose when the worst seems inevitable.

I will choose unafraid when I see the dirty, stinky man on the street who needs love. I will go anyway, and I’ll face the uncomfortable.

On those days when fear threatens and anxiety lurks behind the flimsy little gate called “I-don’t-know,” I will take that fear and place it on the only One worthy.

Almighty God Himself.

Yes, I will live unafraid in full fear of the Lord God.

Because life cannot happen behind bars of panic or dismay.

Life is not life when it’s crushed by the pressure of misplaced fear.

It’s not the absence of fear, this life unafraid, but a courage that comes when it’s properly placed.

A fear that is accurately allotted to the One True God Whose whispers stop storms and Who’s words calm the wind.

Yes, unafraid, I will place my fear where it belongs.

In the One Who holds all of my I-don’t-knows.

The God Who holds the future.

Because, although I do not know what that future holds, He does. And I know Him.

So I will park all my scared at His feet until I have no fear left for what-ifs or unknowns.

I will live. Unafraid.

Because I have lived scared for far too long.

And I am ready for life. Unafraid.


If you click on this link right here (these very words) you can get that in a printable form. You know, in case you want to tape it to your mirror or next to your kitchen sink for whenever you need reminding about life and the right kind of fear.



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