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Momma Hearts and Kids That Sing to Jesus

When young voices offer praise to Jesus, something deep in my soul wakes up. I grab my camera, snap a picture then take a video to capture the fullness of the moment. But the photo doesn’t record the whole of the moment. The video doesn’t register the part of me that’s now awake to joy I did not know until I heard my own children sing the words. Until I saw my own kids offer gestures of worship with their hands.

“Jesus, You’re my Master and my King. Jesus, You’re my Lord, my everything.”

I watch with eyes now filling with tears that have made their way up from that newly awakened part of my core. My heart feels full. Not heavy, but full of feelings that don’t have descriptions, emotions that flow underneath the current of my everyday disposition. This is real joy, I think. Real joy for momma hearts.

Children’s voices fill the sanctuary, their hands move up and open. My heart does too. It sings and it soars, and I find myself led into worship by children. God draws me to Himself with the lips of little ones whom He has chosen and in whom He delights so completely. Baby people who love Him so much they’ll stand up and sing it loudly, boldly, joyfully.

. . . He has filled our hearts with wonder so that we always remember you and I were made to worship . . . (from Made to Worship by Chris Tomlin)

Hearts filled with wonder, fifty-some children raise their voices and their hands in unison, and my heart follows suit.

Because there is something about kids singing their hearts out to Jesus that touches my own heart in ways that nothing else can. There is something about knowing that my daughters realize enough of their own need for Almighty God to sing songs that say as much. To lift hands and offer praise for the love He offers to them.

My momma-heart swells big with joy that feels something like pride. It beats hard and fast as I take it all in, this child-like faith times fifty, these child voices filling the air with God-praise. I imagine heaven pausing for a moment and joining in as the praises of these children reach the ears of the saints, the throne of Almighty God Himself. And I feel His delight as He basks in the wonder of children that sing to Him.

What do you say?

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