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Pretty New Pitcher

I got this pitcher in mail the other day from Dayspring!

It’s called the Life Collection Large Pitcher. And I love it because it’s so pretty and bright and it makes me dream of summertime barbecues when we have friends come over and I can pour them some peach tea from my pretty new pitcher.

It has John 10:10 written right through the middle.

“I have come that they might have life, and have it to the full.”

One of my favorite verses in the whole of the Bible. Seriously.

I love my new pitcher for so very many reasons. First, it reminds me of things that are easy to see as beautiful. Like bright sunshiny days and big pretty flowers. And sips of lemonade in the middle of a hot summer day. (And who doesn’t need a little extra reminder of sunshiny beautiful in the middle of this everlasting winterland?) Also, it’s nice and sturdy, not fragile feeling, though I will handle with care. I also love that it looks perfectly lovely in my red kitchen. But mostly I love the words painted on it. The Word painted on it.

And I have found the perfect spot for it on my hutch next to my dining room table. For display all year long. So I can remember that summer will come. AND so I can remember the truth of what life really is.

I can’t wait to have our next dinner guests over so I can use it. Actually, I just might not wait. I may just have to use this beauty tonight, to pour water for my family to drink with our frozen pizza because I truly can’t wait. Yep, it’s that great! 🙂

So thank you, incourage, for the opportunity to review this awesome pitcher! Did I mention I really, really like it?

5 Thoughts on “Pretty New Pitcher

  1. love pitcher! REALLY love the hutch!

  2. It’s beautiful Bria! Is that the verse that we had as the MOPS theme our last MOPS together?!!!
    I LOVE your blog posts and I LOVE you and I miss you!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pitcher with us, and I love it too! I can’t wait to have some peach tea out of it 🙂

  4. Great pitcher! InCourage is just too awesome!

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