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Remember This {Nourish Your Soul: Day 16}

Don’t forget to remember . . . 


Because when we forget Who it is that gives breath and life and all we need, we grow weary of life, and our souls get hangry.

Because He is the One Who holds the world in His Sovereign hand, the One in Whose grasp is everything our souls need to survive and to thrive and to really truly live.

Don’t forget to remember.

Because when we forget Who God really is, we can’t find the nourishment that will satisfy our souls. And in our overwhelmed, we stop seeking Him and find ourselves looking only for what we think we need instead of finding the real food He offers.

Don’t forget to remember.

Question for you: What helps you remember that God is God and you are not Him? Tell us in the comments. Or join the conversation on my Facebook page. For me, it’s the pausing. It’s the intentional thought before I start talking to Him in prayer. It only take a breath of a moment, but it makes all the difference in the nourishing of my soul.

**Today is the sixteenth day in a 31-day series we are doing called Nourish Your Soul. You can catch up here if you’d like to join us in the challenge!



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