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Seven Reasons I Love RightNow


It was an impulse purchase at the Metzgerei. I was actually buying meat for the meatloaf I’d planned, but I saw what looked like homemade Schnitzel, so I went out on a limb. The sign said Rinderbraten, but it looked like Schnitzel to me. So I pointed right at it and asked for the Rinderbraten. The lady behind the counter smiled nicely and confirmed my suspicions, so I nodded and happily said Yes, please.

Clueless American gets brave and orders more than the pre-planned meat at the local butcher. You know, the order she practiced in her head the whole way there. Turns out, the unafraid life leads to happy things in the RightNow.

Julie Andrews sang in my head all the way home. “Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens . . . doorbells and sleighbells and schnitzel with noodles . . . ” I joined her with my own voice as I worked my magic in the kitchen tonight. Even danced a bit.

So in honor of Julie Andrew’s Maria VonTrapp’s favorite things, I thought I’d share a few of my own today. You know, some of my favorite things about RightNow, in completely random order.

  1. German food is amazing. From the pumpkin seed bread, to the apple strudel to the plain croissants, and, yes, straight to the Schnitzel with the noodles. Amazing. And don’t forget the beer, the brats, and the rolls.
  2. I got to ride my bike to the grocery store today. I love this because of the cute little basket on it’s handlebars. And because, at home in Ohio, I have to drive my bike places if I want to ride it. (Too many hills, in my opinion.)
  3. Have I told you about the bathtubs here? Deep enough I can fill them up to almost overflowing. And they don’t drain the water unless I open the drain. Love. This. Especially with lots of bubbles. So this morning, I took one.
  4. Sometimes when I walk through the city, I see someone I know. It always amazes me that I know people in a foreign city.
  5. Yesterday when I got on the bus, I’m pretty sure the bus driver recognized me. And he smiled nicely when I said Hallo! I am choosing to ignore the reasons as to exactly why he may have recognized me and simply deciding to believe he’d missed seeing me because my smile is recognizable, not my broken, clueless German.
  6. Every morning, first thing, the girls and I read the Bible together. We have never done this together before — especially not in the morning. And, I must say, it is truly one of my favorite things about life right here, rightnow. We’re reading through the kid’s version of the devotional book Jesus Calling. We take turns being amazed at how relevant a particular day is to our specific goings-on right then. Amazed.
  7. We just planned out the trips we will take for the remainder of our year here in Germany. Let me tell you, Lord willing, it’s gonna’ be a fun spring! Berlin, more Vienna, a beach near Venice, and the Sleeping Beauty Castle called Neuschwanstein in the Alps. The anticipation is well, one of my favorite things at this very moment. Can’t wait.

So there you have it. Seven things I love about life RightNow. How about you? What are some of your favorite things about RightNow?

10 Thoughts on “Seven Reasons I Love RightNow

  1. Thank you for sharing, I love reading about your daily life in Germany!

  2. You mentioned the “Sleeping Beauty Castle” in the Alps. My husband is drawing that very castle. It is his first piece of art for this year. We talked about how neat it would be to visit it some day.

    And now I’m singing “Favorite Things”. 🙂

  3. Love this post! Have you read mine for today?!! We are sisters for sure- you will see when you read it!!!
    Love you and I love that you are blogging this adventure!!!

  4. Love your comment on the Unafraid Life. Learning to life that one myself.

    • Oh man! Me too. 🙂 Every single day, in fact. I’m working right now on an “Unafraid Manifesto” as a sort of lifelong commitment to live beyond the fear I so often face. I would love to have you read it over and get your input, Chris!

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