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Simple Praise

I sit in awe as he ponders life from the bed in which he heals.  A stroke put him here, and it’s not been easy.  Unyielding, in fact.  For the breaking of a man is never painless.  And the breaking of this man, especially.

I prayed for him as a schoolgirl who wanted to know she would see her grandpa in heaven someday.  The prayers never stopped.  Thirty some years I prayed for his spirit, for his faith in Jesus Christ.  Many of those years I wondered, not knowing, only hoping.  But praying just the same.

I sit with him now and marvel at his spirit.  The faith that God has sparked in him.  The depth of genuine sincerity with which he now expresses his care about the deep things of life and the searching of the soul.  I love this man so dearly.

And I catch myself surprised at God’s very real answer to my thirty-year prayer.

Thank you, God!

That Almighty Maker of Men and Healer of Broken would hear my cries and finally answer simply stuns me.  I am honored to know this God.  I am honored to know this man.  And now they know each other.

And a simple answer to the simple but long lasting prayer of my heart inspires a certain praise in my soul that will quite literally last much longer than the 30-years from which it came.

From the depths of my being, my soul cries out astounded gratitude.  But the only three words I can get my mouth to form are quite simply

Thank You, God!

5 Thoughts on “Simple Praise

  1. Becky Lee on November 18, 2011 at 5:39 pm said:

    So glad you’re there! Love ya so much, dear!

  2. And I repeat those worrds also dear daughter.. Thank You God!!

    Thank you for writing these beautiful words about Dad, Grandpa.. if you feel led, you might read them to him or print it out for Mom to read to him later..

    So thankful that you & Cass are there with him this week, I am sure he feels loved by your presence…

    Huge to you, Cass, Dad & Mom..

    Love ya

  3. diane tirakis on November 19, 2011 at 8:23 am said:

    This is beautiful. I am in awe too for you and of God. He is good. So glad. You are there.

  4. and you know sweetie I read this with tears falling down my cheeks; I thank the Lord for what He has done in your grandpa’s heart. so glad you two girls got to go to spend time with him. love so much all your writing; the Lord has given you the gift of words.
    love you

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