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Bubble Moves

We’ve begun a new dance in our home of late. And, while I normally really enjoy dancing, I find this one to be a bit awkward and cumbersome and downright demanding, almost impossible, even. Yes, I did receive Just Dance 3 for Christmas from my awesome husband. No, that is not the dance to which I refer. (Those dance(s) = really awkward, nearly impossible, but total blasts of fun.) This dance, led by my seven-year-old daughter (who is still working out the moves, by the way), is actually a dance of uncertainty and anxious unknowing.

Turns out, I’m not the only one whose stomach tumbles to the beat of unknown things out of my control. Turns out, we all have tumbly bumbly bellies and minds that won’t rest when it comes to what we do not know and what we cannot tame. When we enter the land of I-have-no- idea-what-this-is-going-to-look-like, we all choreograph our own little I-gotta-pee-dance and move to the unheard rhythm as if that might stop the inevitable flow (so to speak). And though I normally get a real kick out of any said pee-dance, well, this one I’m just not digging.

Because my seven-year-old’s dance happens to come alive regularly between the hours of go-to-bed and o-dark-thirty. And the moves continue well into get-your-shoes-on-and-get-out-to-the-bus.

You need to know that my family is looking towards some really big changes over the coming year. We’ve known about them for quite some time, preparing in various ways. And now we await their final approach, the arrival time of which we do not know. So it makes total sense to both my husband and me that our kids feel anxious and unsure even in the midst of the excited and the oh-my-goodness-I-can’t-believe-we-get-to-do-this (because my kids aren’t allowed to say holy crap).

As such, I inititated a conversation with the school psychologist about how to help my unsure daughter with her stomach aches and insomnia, as well as the out-of-nowhere regular separation anxiety that pops up everytime she thinks about going to school. It’s new for her. She’s still choreographing the dance. I’m still learning the moves. So Mrs K was quite helpful and gave some suggestions as to how to make the dance a little less awkward. Less pee-dance, more Dougie. (Still awkward but more of an intentional awkward. Thank you, Rockin Skinnies, for the ever so educational you tube video linked here.) After our truly amazing conversation, Mrs K went and talked with my sweet little girl, who was enamored by the God-given grace she found in that woman. (I’m still astounded at how God used that woman last Tuesday in my and my little girl’s hearts. #15 on my list, by the way.)

As a result of that day and those conversations, we added the Bubble Move to the ever-developing dance routine. It helps calm the nerves by breathing deeply — in through the nose out through the mouth — and it’s fun, too. Not so awkward.

Turns out, I’m starting to like the dance of bedtime.

You know what those bubbles are called?

I’m starting to believe it.

Now if we could just switch around those middle of the night moves, I’d be a much happier dancer. Just sayin’.