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A Flash Sale I Hope Awakens the Healthy Living Monster

Healthy living. I’ve been wanting to rightfully claim it as my own for several years. The trouble is, I lack motivation to get off my hiney and start it. Mostly because, well, I hate exercise. I just like the end of it, when it’s all over.

When lazy stands in the way of healthy, it's a spiritual thing.

In my mind, there are few things nicer than a well-deserved shower. I love being all sweaty after I’ve worked really hard at something and then taking a shower because I need to.

It’s why I called myself a wannabe runner for all those years. It’s also why I gave up sugar, dairy, grains, legumes, gluten and comfortable eating for 30 days last June when I took on the challenge of The Whole30: The 30-Day Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom.

Because healthy is better. But exercise and conscientious eating have never been huge priorities for me. I mean, I love knowing I’m doing what I can to treat my body well. But my lack of discipline (translation: laziness) stands in the way. It’s a spiritual thing. One God is slowly moving foundations of my life to get me to change.

So today I did some research. And I found this exercise program called the Thrive90 Fitness Plan.

The main founder of it (Tony DiLorenzo) does a podcast with his wife, which I sometimes listen to. It’s about marriage, and I love that — a cool couple talking about and helping people have more intimate and committed marriages. So I’ve heard of him, and I know he’s a super-into-exercise kind of guy.

Well, he developed the Thrive90 plan. It includes 90 days of workouts and a bit of nutritional guidance kind of stuff. So — I could feasibly work out in my own house and take major steps towards more healthy living. And the best part is, each workout is no more than 30 minutes long.

(Did I ever tell you about that time my man and I started P90X but found the sometimes hour-and-a-half workouts rather overwhelming as we tried to keep up? I’m pretty sure I never told you. Because it felt more like a joke than an attempt at healthy living. My man stuck with it. He did awesome! But I thought it was ridiculous that anyone would expect me to spend that much time working out EVERY DAY FOR 90 DAYS. I told you I hate exercising, right? So I blamed Tony Horton and gave up.)

Yes, with the Thrive90, I will still have to get off my butt for 30 minutes, but that’s much less intimidating than AN HOUR AND A HALF!! Can you feel me?

So this workout program normally costs $47, which is actually not a bad deal. But I’m going to visit and help show Jesus’ love to orphans on the other side of the world in six weeks, and every $47 we have laying around needs to go toward that trip. Know what I mean?

That brings us to the actual reason I’m telling you about this Thrive90 thing today. As exciting as it is to know that healthy living is a possibility for me because of Tony DiLorenzo and his friend, this is even better! (Also, what is it with the name Tony and 90 days of working out?)

See, there’s this company called Ultimate Bundles. They put together tons of books and resources and then sell them a few times each year for like fractions of what each would cost separately.

So today and tomorrow (December 28 and 29), they are running a Flash Sale and calling it The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle. And the Healthy Living topics are more than just the exercise stuff. There are resources on Paleo Living, Allergy-free Eating, Real Food, Healthy Kids, Homesteading, Home Remedies, and Natural Home stuff.

It includes over 90 ebooks and resources and classes, (hello, Thrive90 Fitness Plan), and it only costs $29.97! Um, so basically even if I buy it and only use the Thrive90, I save money. Hello, no-brainer.

Here are the other fitness and healthy eating resources it includes —

The other cool thing is that I’m an affiliate, so if you decide you want to join my quest to not hate exercising (yes, please!), you can buy the whole bundle and help me earn $11.99 for every bundle I help sell. That will greatly help me go on my trip. (I promise to tell you more very soon!) And it won’t cost you any extra dollars or cents. Just click this banner.

You can find out more about the bundle and all that’s included by clicking here. I truly think you will find the whole thing to be a super great deal! But it only lasts until tomorrow night. So you might want to hurry.