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Thanksgiving Preparations

It’s become an unplanned tradition.  I wake on Thanksgiving morning and start to think about all the things I’m thankful for.  But then the turkey gets served and the corn casserole constructed, and the Cool Whip drowns the pumpkin pie as we pause for a lovely and thoughtful Thanksgiving prayer and my pants get tighter.

Then I remember again the things for which I am so grateful. My family.  Our health.  The fact that God involves Himself in our daily stuff.  His goodness.  Our home.  The beauty of Creation.  Friends.

The day passes before Christmas spirit starts to buzz and cards get signed and pictures taken and pens cross off lists that quickly reproduce.  Then suddenly I find myself in the middle of December trying to remember what I was thinking when I agreed to work the Santa store at school and participate in the cookie exchange at Bible study, not to mention planning my December 28th birthday girl’s party.  And, what the heck am I gonna’ get to fill my kids’ stockings?  And the beauty of Thanksgiving is lost in the crazy of December so the worth of Christmas becomes somehow cheap at best.

But what if Thanksgiving were to usher in the Christmas spirit altogether differently?  What if the turkey started the gratitude instead of ending it?  What if we were ready for the thanks and had so much of it that it overflowed all the way into Christmas?  What if starting now, with the Fall decorations out and the turkeys on the menu, we ready our hearts for the gratitude and thanks that comes that last Thursday of November and then we don’t stop?  What if we ask God to prepare our hearts to truly experience the wonder that is Christmas by letting Thanksgiving be the catalyst for it?

I’m starting now.  Asking God to fill my soul with inspired praise that will last even into next year.

Lord, give my spirit the kind of eyes that see Who You are in such a way that I am inspired to praise You with my words and my thoughts and all that I do.  Amen.

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