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The Gift of Unafraid


He gave me the words at the beginning of the year. But I didn’t unwrap it until October, really.

Life. Unafraid.

A gift I will treasure the rest of my days. The unafraid to live and enjoy the right now. Because God is good no matter what and always. And He is the only anyone worthy of my fear.

I recount Christmas and the gifts God presented me this past year, and I cannot say thank You enough to the One Who gave me the Unafraid. To live.

This week, I’m looking back on some of my favorite posts from the past year. Recounting some of my 2012 gifts. Wading through some amazing promises Jesus fulfilled in His first advent called Christmas. Recounting some of what He’s let me unwrap over the past year. Celebrating the gifts that are mine to keep.

Spiritually speaking, what has He given you this year? What has He let you unwrap? I always love opening a gift or two the week after Christmas. So let’s do it here.

Here’s how you can join in:

  • Leave a comment and tell us what God has given you this year. We’ll celebrate it together.
  • Email me and tell me about it. So I can be happy with you. I mean, who doesn’t love it when someone else helps celebrate a gift?
  • Go to my page on facebook and tell the community there all about it.
  • Tweet about it and use the hashtag #RecountingChristmas.

Can’t wait to continue the celebration with you!


What do you say?

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