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The Junk Food Called Comparison {Nourish Your Soul: Day 7}

I sit down to write, and my heart is excited for what I am doing and how I know I’m right where God wants me today.

I am finding my groove after my time away. It’s good.


So I sit down at the table, type in the password and open up my email before setting sail on today’s blogpost. I find no less than 193 messages awaiting my click in my primary inbox (don’t judge; no haters here) and who knows how many in the other two tabs that I rarely open and actually check.

Among them I find an invitation from a friend to Like a Facebook page. So I click the link and find the page before heading to the website it represents. When I get to the website, I find a whole bunch of followers and wonder at its author.

So I check the About page and find familiar faces filling the contributors’ list. Colleagues with blogs similar to mine, and I find my heart catch on what feels like a hook as I scroll down the page.

Why was I not chosen for this? My heart feels like crying. Why can’t I put words here too? I recognize my envy as soon as it catches me, so I kick myself under the table.

Because I’ve had this conversation at least 438 times. The one where I tell God I think He should do things differently where my writing is concerned, and then He leads me to His truth that tells me to be faithful with what He’s given — no matter the size. The truth that reminds me I was not created for fame, I was created for Him. The truth that says that I am enough and He has way better plans than any I could think up.

But the hook keeps on jabbing, and I can’t shake it off, so I get on my knees with my face in my palms, and I offer it up again to my God. Open hands that give Him these words, those thoughts, this open wound.

I stand up, go back to the computer, and logoff of Facebook before starting to write about food for the soul and how Jesus fills us up.

The truth is, I find comparison to be like a candy-coated rocks when it comes to food that my soul wants to eat. It looks pretty from far away but once I get hooked, it’s impossible to chew. Like break-your-jaw-and-your-teeth kind of hard.

And it does absolutely nothing to satisfy my soul. In fact, it only leaves pain from the chewing I tried to do. Pain and broken teeth.

My soul only needs to remember what God did when He gave me this life, this grace, this Bria-shaped assignment. The truth of His grace lavished all over my me that wants nothing more than to delight over me just because I’m me.

And this remembering is the nourishment no candy needs to coat. Because all that I need is in Almighty God Himself. All my soul needs is the real food that is Jesus Christ.

A question for you: What is something God has created you to do? Is it plant flowers? Hug children? Leave comments on my blog? 🙂 Tell us in the comments.

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4 Thoughts on “The Junk Food Called Comparison {Nourish Your Soul: Day 7}

  1. What am I thinking? Well, Bria.. I’m thinking that you and I have been caught up in the same soulless searching and yearning after people-approval and receiving a very similar word back from God. My heart gave a lurch much as you describe here when I recently saw a fellow poetic friend (and more) receiving accolades and praise, not to mention external validation and publication. Did I rejoice for and with them? Eventually.. sorry to say. My initial reaction was a sour dose of self-pity and discouragement at not being in that place… yet.
    But we learn at the Lord’s feet as we weep, don’t we? He revealed the ‘Joy-size’ assignment waiting for me right now. And I began to rest, breathe easy and release my hopes and dreams into His hands. For there’s no safer place for them to be. Thank you for this deeply empathetic post and for the wisdom it conveys. You have helped remind me today of what is really important ~ God’s will rather than mine. Amen to this:”All my soul needs is the real food that is Jesus Christ” rather than the “impossible to chew” fare that the world offers. Bless you friend. Your words have hit home today, in a good way! 🙂 x

    • Oh, Joy, you are so wise! “For there’s no safer place for our hopes and dreams than in the Lord’s hands.” I am so thankful to have such good company on this journey to real food from Jesus! Thank you, friend.

  2. “I was not created for fame, I was created for Him”- Ah, deep sigh!!! Yes! So encouraged by your words friend, your beautiful, far reaching, life giving words!
    Something he has created me to do? Well, he has made me to inspire. And every single day, I see him working through me. It’s not on a broad sweeping scale, but rather in the little ways. Seeing my kids excited about creating and playing instruments. Hearing that a friend worked out, because I told her I ran. Others being brave, because I was willing to share my story.
    Celebrate more, Compare less, right?!! LOVE YOU so very much and I wish we could have long chats on your porch every single day. 🙂

  3. I love how you describe comparison… candy coated rocks.They bring pain but always entice us back for more! Thanks for reminding me that when I’m tempted to take a bite, I need to give all that junk to HIm right away before Satan gets a hold of it. I have realized that God has not put me in positions where I would receive praise or fame because I would be tempted to take all the credit, instead of giving it all to Him in those moments. I am so grateful for that now and that He has revealed that weakness… wanting praise from those around me and wanting those who know me to think that I am a “good” person! I have to make sure that I am pointing to Him instead of just saying “thanks” when somebody gives me praise, and most importantly crave to please Him above anybody else. Thank you so much for committing to feeding souls this month. Needed it…. 🙂

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