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The Parenting Post I Never Thought I’d Write

I knew I would learn a lot living in Germany for a year. I had no doubt my kids would, too. I did not, however, realize I would learn so much about my kids. Nor did I think I would grow so much as a parent.

So imagine my surprise when my turn came up to write a devotion for the Everyday With God blog about discipline and children and wisdom and such. Proverbs 29 is the chapter today. Here’s a bit of what I wrote . . .


In June of last year, my husband’s employer offered him a chance to move across the world for a year. So we picked up our two kids and re-located to a small city in Bavaria, Germany. We saw it as an opportunity to teach our kids, and us, more about life than we could have if we didn’t go.

We knew it would be hard on them. Sending our kids to a German-speaking school, making them live like foreigners for a year. Yes, we had no doubt it would be difficult in many ways for our two kids.

When we first arrived, I had a bit of trouble remembering it was good. So I sort of spoiled them and tried to make up for what my kids were missing at home. You know, the comfortable and easy that they would be enjoying had we not come.

Then school started for them, and I couldn’t spoil them out of what we all knew they had to conquer — five hours of German school, everyday, five days a week.

Click here to read the rest. (I think you’ll like how it ends.)

What do you say?

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