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Three Truths That Help Me Live Inside the RightNow

The start to the year has been slow and not very steady here at my house. I’ve somehow managed to meet a deadline for the devotional blog I get to be part of, despite my struggle to move fingers over computer keys and produce legible things.

I’ve been thinking a lot about taking the RightNow for all that it is. Enjoying the every moment and finding content right inside. Because it’s my word for the year, and well, it’s the beginning of the year.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Like the way I got to hang with my kids yesterday when they weren’t feeling well. And the wide-open windows that I’ve been letting air out our home after two weeks of closed-up tight.

Then there’s the whole I live in Germany thing.

RightNow there is hard stuff about it. Stuff that mostly has to do with the fact that my youngest despises that she has to go to German school and fights it every morning. It also includes things like figuring out how to carry 20 pounds of groceries four blocks home in my big old blue striped grocery-getting bag.

But this is the RightNow I am living.

And I am learning to be glad for it because of what I know.

Because I know that she is learning things no school book ever could. And I realize I’m gaining muscles and walking off pounds I never would.

Mostly, though, I am starting to realize how very awesome it is to get to live this adventure. RightNow.

2 Thoughts on “Three Truths That Help Me Live Inside the RightNow

  1. My heart really resonates with you in this. It’s a beautiful adventure and you are putting beautiful words to it. I know that so often it feels anything but beautiful to be on the adventure we’re on. But I think you’re right in that it’s teaching us things and allowing us to live in ways we would never otherwise. =) A big hug your way today!

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