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To Display His Beauty

Sometimes Monday comes hurried and unyielding, like a crash of insanity that whips me around and leaves me disoriented before the week has really even begun.  Other weeks, Monday brings the scent of new opportunities, refreshed perspective, renewed hope for what is to come.

It came in with a fog today. Thick and heavy, but unseasonably warm, this week’s Monday brings different hope, colorful unknowns, like an almost-rainbow after a far-off rain.

I started fresh routines amid the hint of old ones, fell into a new normal. I got out of bed before 6:30 and actually worked out. I found my coffee after showering, prayed for my daughter’s Monday-allergy, sent her off even with a sore throat because that’s the rule: no fever = go to school.

I laid my day out before the One Who gave it to me, offering Him my hands, my thoughts, my very me. He sang me a song.

Oh. How He loves us. Oh. Oh, how He loves us. How He loves us. Oh…. (David Crowder Band)

I thought of the sun that burned off the fog and grabbed my camera to help investigate more of the new day that lay before me.

I found a spider web.

And then another.

I snapped the shutter more times than I know, soaking it in, the magnificently delicate intricacies of the spider’s silk on display. Such hard work. Such beauty. I wondered how long it must have taken for that little spider to design her creation, how many passes must she have taken across the web’s center?

I sat down to my new found work routine with a head full of awe, wondering about the beauty of my own God-given silk. The silk He gave me to design with, to create pictures of His glory.

Oh, that I might design such an awe-inspiring display of Almighty God’s beauty. Amen.

What do you say?

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