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What He Wants From Me

I am realizing that what God has given me to use for His glory is more about Him, less about me.


All this time, I’ve been trying so hard to find the way He has for me. As if it were about me. I’ve been trying to learn the song He wrote for me to perform. As if it were for my fame. But the singer just sings. The Writer’s heart is the one that speaks.

I want to do beautiful things. To write beautiful words in creatively-crafted ways so that His very Who-He-Is glares from the page. But He wants something very, very different.

He wants to be the beautiful thing I do.

4 Thoughts on “What He Wants From Me

  1. I love the simplicity of this post. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I might add, it isn’t always an easy thing to learn but I know you are, I can see it in you, I can see Him in you.. so keep singing.. love ya.
    ps you are beautiful in heart and words..

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