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What I’m Learning About Making Art

I wake up new. Every morning. Even though sometimes it doesn’t feel that way.

I will make art today. I wouldn’t have called it art last month. But Emily’s words are getting to me. What if this living, this dream-chasing life is actually a work of art created for the glory of Creator God?

I will love my kids and kiss my Mann and drink coffee with my friend. I will smile at the Panera girl who takes my plate with the dirty napkin and the chocolate pastry crumbs. I will go to my knees and hand the morning to God, the day.

I ask Him to show me today’s art assignment. Help me pick up the right paintbrush. The one that will make the art of my day. My life. I remind Him I’m no painter.

Truth is, I can draw a pretty awesome happy face. But that’s where it ends. I had a painting teacher in high school tell me the colors I’d chosen for my final assignment were hideous. So. There’s that.

My friend Pamela tells me I can paint. But, then again, she’s never seen the consequences of a paintbrush in my hand. Or the colors I’ve chosen for any given painting.

So I will make art with another kind of paintbrush.


With words and photos and smiles and prayers, I will offer the art that is my life. My breathing. My studying. My writing. My kid-hugging and laundry-sorting and dinner-making.

Sometimes I don’t want to call myself a writer. Because I’m scared of people knowing. But I want to write because I am a writer. It’s the art I was created to create. I am learning to embrace this beautiful dream.

I study Scripture and write about it. I look for Jesus in today. Watch for His art so I can love life more. Find the life He promised He’d give me. Then I offer my words, trusting He finds joy in the art of it all.

Today’s assignment has me planning some Advent season devotions for our church. Figuring out how to lead people into 28 days of celebrating Jesus. It doesn’t feel much like art at the moment.

But as I study and plan and brainstorm and type, I get all happy excited for what I am doing. My heart comes alive as I read about Christmas and dream about families who will read these plans and celebrate Jesus together.

And, really, isn’t that what real art does? It makes our fingers move faster. Our eyes keep the focus as they can’t pull away from the beauty of it all.

So today I make art, and I join in with Emily at Chatting at the Sky as she helps me understand more and more what that means. (I’m linking up there. You should really check it out. Because there are all kinds of amazing artists linking up too.)


6 Thoughts on “What I’m Learning About Making Art

  1. I say you are definitely an artist and a writer, my friend. Looking forward to seeing more of your art!

  2. I LOVE YOUR ART IN ALL FORMS. , I just got this book from Emily yesterday as a gift! I entered her contest with a stop motion video

  3. Lovely Brianna, maybe your art of words can help me love Christmas more. I love Jesus, but Christmas, not too much.

  4. Oh, friend! You are a BEAUTIFUL artist! Your words, your pictures, your heart for Jesus- they have inspired me for YEARS now. Can’t wait to see how God continues to bless your faithfulness to him- to make your art every day.
    I love you. Have I mentioned that lately?!!

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