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What To Do When You Know You Need Better Water {Day 3 in the Nourish Your Soul Challenge}


If only it weren’t so easy to forget the only real kind of food that will truly nourish our souls comes from Jesus Christ. From believing Him, following His ways, letting Him be the actually Lord of our lives.

The lady in John 4 didn’t know. That’s why she kept drinking from the cup called approval-from-men. Looking for deep soul satisfaction from the men she thought loved her. The men she believed could be the answer to her do I really matter to anyone questions.

That’s why she kept having to come back for more. But Jesus showed up and rocked her world with the truth. She totally matters. That’s why He struck up a conversation with her.

You and I have questions too. Questions we’ve tried to answer with whatever we can find to put into our styrofoam cups and drink. But the bottom of the cup only shows us how much more thirsty we are.

The only way to never thirst again is to feed on the truth that is Jesus Christ. His life. His words. His gift of deep intimacy with us that He offers if only we will take it.

That’s why this morning I sat on my porch with my Bible and asked Him to show up. I wrote a note to Him in my journal and asked if He’d please let me hear Him, please help me be quiet so I can hear.

Because my soul needs real food.


My porch is my favorite place to have it out with God. When my soul feels hangry, and I actually respond to God’s nudge, I take my journal and my pen and my Bible, and I sit there and wait.

What about you? Is there something you do, some place you go, when you know you need God to show up? Maybe you don’t really ask anything. Maybe you just sit quietly. Or find a worship song and turn it up super loud. Or maybe you go for a run. Or a drive. Or maybe you clean your bathroom. Will you share with us in the comments?

Can’t wait to hear from you!! 🙂


4 Thoughts on “What To Do When You Know You Need Better Water {Day 3 in the Nourish Your Soul Challenge}

  1. Good morning. For some reason I missed this yesterday?? I am in the process of finding a new spot that represents new beginning. I just need to be quiet and still with eyes closed… My mind tends to race and it is not easy to rest. God meets me in that quietness!

    • Sorry you missed it! But I’m so glad you found it today. 🙂 My mind is the same way. My thoughts are loud and it’s hard to be quiet in my spirit and let God talk. How lovely to find a new spot to represent new beginnings for you, Linda! How awesome is that!

  2. I have a spot on my couch that looks out the front window. The trees make a beautiful canopy, offering different views with each passing season. It always focuses my attention on God and his beauty!

  3. This is going to sound like the weirdest, most peculiar places and of course I have a few…my room, laying prostrated on the floor either in silence or listening to truth through music..i.e worship music. OR I go to starbucks. Normally me having it out with God entails a pen, paper and my bible. I go to starbucks, try to sit in a corner, fill my head with music that will focus my heart and mind on Him and I begin to write. I write until I write no more and then I just sit…and wait. I open His word and He speaks. I can only explain it as, even though surrounded by people and the world; somehow for those short few hours, it’s me and Him at that table having a conversation.
    the third place is probably my car. In Sebring, we have this lake that is the heart of Sebring, and of course it is 7 miles around…so I will drive it, I will talk to The Lord, I will cry and sing…but He always meets me.
    My Bethel started in a car, almost 5 years ago so it makes sense that He meets me there to this day. =)

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