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What Would Jesus Ask For

I wonder what Jesus would ask for if He were a child at Christmas today.

Would He want Legos to build boats with and teach His friends how to fish for men? Would He ask for toy flutes or a drum so He could march in pretend parades, waving at the crowds and worshipping the Father as He played?

If Jesus made a Christmas list from the amazing toys available today, would he find crazy fun games to play with the disciples after one of their long days? Maybe a little Just Dance 4 so He and John could find a jam and laugh at each other as they bust their moves? Can you imagine the Sons of Thunder brothers competing for that crown?

I have to believe Jesus loved to have fun. And I know He likes gifts. So I wonder for real what He might ask for this year.

When I ask Jesus what He wants for Christmas, I guess I’m not thinking about Legos or drums. I’m thinking more serious, like a cup of water for the needy. Some euro coins for the poor.

But maybe He wants me to think more like Him, less like me. Maybe He wants some fun stuff, too. Like sledding in the snow so I enjoy His Creation. Or laughing with a friend so I love more like He does. There’s a place for the serious. No doubt about it. But that place is not necessarily meant to override the lighthearted.

I wonder if He would number His list. The things He wants most at the top. If He did, what would be #1?

I think it might surprise us.

What do you think?

5 Thoughts on “What Would Jesus Ask For

  1. Thanks, Brianna! Sometimes it’s easy to forget in the serious daily activities that the Bible also tells us to rejoice. It reminds me of a painting I saw many years ago of Jesus blessing the children. In the painting he wasn’t just smiling he was laughing. I wish I knew the artist who depicted that. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. I think Jesus would want one of those fishing GPS things for his boat!

What do you say?

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