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Where the Faithful Matters

I am and have always been motivated by enjoyment. If I like something, I do it really, really well. Because, in my mind, the better I do something I like, the more I will enjoy it. It was true my freshman year of college when I got that A in a senior-level phonetics course. And it remains true to this day. Living  here in this land of the Deutsch.

This place where I see 5:45 two times a day. Where 7:21am buses bulge with people of all ages, vocations and smells. This is the land in which my building’s laundry room sits 4 floors up, and I have to pay approximately 10 cents per minute to wash and dry my family’s clothes. It’s where purchasing milk and bananas for my cereal requires the physical effort of either a walk or a bike-ride, no matter the weather. But, fun or not, my family needs milk. And bananas. And what I like and do not like has no bearing on any of it.

I am finding a place here in this country that I have never before discovered so tangibly. This, I am learning, is where the faithful matters.

And as the faithful kicks in, I search for wholehearted. Because I want to do this living-in-Germany-for-a-year thing well. And, yes, I really want to enjoy it.

So I pray for the focus and the joy for the faithful. And I look for the God-joy inside every load of laundry. Behind every milk container I purchase. And I trust that He is working even there. And in me still.

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men . . . (Col. 3:23)

I wait because I believe God wants our wholehearted. I think He wants us to love Him wholly and to fully soak up whatever He gives. With joy. Enjoying. He is glorified, I believe when the faithful matters.

And I wonder about you. Are you waiting for the faithful to kick it up a notch? Are you sticking it wholeheartedly? Are you finding the joy? Can I pray for you? Why not leave a comment or send me an email? Let’s do the faithful together. Maybe that will make it more fun.

One Thought on “Where the Faithful Matters

  1. Some days soaking up what he gives is easier than others, but I think I’m moving I that direction more and more. I am very thankful grocery shopping isn’t a big, frequent ordeal.

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