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Why Holy Week Matters

I read a devotion this morning that led me to Jesus feet.

Actually it pointed me to the Jesus Who got down on His hands and knees and scrubbed grime off the calloused feet of men who were about to desert and hurt and betray Him.

I looked over the part in that story where Almighty God took a bucket and a rag and washed the feet of a traitor. The feet of a liar. The feet of a doubter.

Jesus, the One Who is God, gave up every ounce of shame and washed their hardened heels. The ones that would soon leave Him to fight His battle alone.pic monkey

Those feet had walked miles through dusty streets and led donkey out of dirty barns. They’d stood to slay lambs, prepare a Passover meal, and argue over who could be the greatest.

And now Jesus held those feet steady as He rubbed them clean.

I read that devotion and all I could think was how much my feet need washed as well. Not because I need a bath, but because of the places I have let them take me. Places like pridefulness and greed and self-centered life.

I need what Jesus gave. What He gives even now.

How amazing it is that God Himself would offer cleanness to such messed up people as those men at that supper. Such messed up people as me.

And this is why Easter. It’s why Holy Week and Maundy Thursday and Good Friday.

Because Jesus’ clean is all we need.


7 Thoughts on “Why Holy Week Matters

  1. I am thinking I need to think more about what Jesus did for me. Thank you for writing about the truth.

    • Hi Pamela.
      I always feels like Holy Week comes around and I want so badly to be prepared in my heart and I always come up short. So today when I read that devotion, I was struck by the truth that Jesus covers all my “what-I-should-have-dones” and that thought alone makes me want to think more about the amazing that He’s given me. Thanks for your comment, friend. 🙂

  2. What a great reminder- I know what you mean about wanting it to be meaningful and sometimes feeling like I missed it! A couple of years ago, I washed the kids feet as we read about how Jesus did that for his disciples. It was so powerful and we have kept that tradition alive. It is a beautiful picture of the way Jesus sacrificed for us and how He makes us clean.
    Anyway, praying that it will be a wonderful Holy Week for all of the Wassons! Love to you!

  3. Humbling. I need more of it.

  4. Beautiful, simple truth, and I can never be reminded of it enough. Bless your Holy Week.

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